The difference between robbery and burglary: Which is a violent crime???


At first I thought that robbery was just stealing something and that burglary was a synonym for it. But I looked into it and found all of this out:

Robbery is when someone steals something by intimidating or coercing people: sometimes even killing the victim. However, in contrast burglary is when someone goes into a property with the intension to steal something. Here's the link where I found it out.

If you type in different violent crimes on Google, in the list it says robbery and not burglary. I went on line and found out that, something else said that burglary is a violent crime. Here's the link (read the extract).

But why?

Burglary is a felony-which means that it's a serious crime-so it's equal to murder (which is a violent crime).

This is the dictionary definition of burglary:




illegal entry of a building with intent to commit a crime, especially theft.

"a two-year sentence for burglary"

synonyms: housebreaking, breaking and entering, breaking in, forced entry, theft, thieving, stealing, robbery, robbing, larceny, thievery, pilfering, pilferage, looting...

Now it says intent to commit a 'crime' especially theft. That 'crime' could be anything from murder to theft! Another thing to note is that robbery is a synonym for burglary. What's going on???

What do you think burglary and robbery is?

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