The Ever Increasing Issue: Violent Crime


Though overall crime has decreased over the years, violent crime stays strong and increases. Each year, violent crime increases up to 11% more while overall crime has decreased. But what are the causes of violent crime? And why is it increasing?

Violent Crime

Violent crime is crime where a weapon is used or a person is harmed. This means that other crime could include violent crime. For example, robbing a bank could result in three people getting shot. This would mean thst both figures would go up but violent crime would go up three times more than the overall crime. We can draw from this that violent crime is not done at a single speed, but more so in groups or masses.

People could be involved in violent crime for a plethora of different reasons:

  • The first reason is that they were involved in another crime that led to violence, this means that violent crime was not their intention.
  • The second reason is that the crime they are involved in uses violent crime, this could be a gang or a robbery.
  • The third reason is that they did not know, any blade longer than 5cm will get you in trouble unless you have a permitted reason(the reason could be a false one though).
  • The fourth reason is that they intend to harm somebody. And although this sounds like the main reason, it is actually the last reason why people have committed violent crime, if you would like to know, the main reason is the first reason.

Why violent crime is higher than overall crime

Violent crime is so much higher than overall crime because of how many different thing can lead to it. The first and second reason both lead to it. In the comments, I would like for you to list crimes that might lead to violent crime. Over 69% of offenders say that they started off with another crime. As well as this, many of the perpetrators in violent crime are obsessed with it. Although the majority of the population say that the main reason for murder is revenge and movies portray the main reason as revenge, the main reason is actually for the fun of it, or for money. When you think of a murderer, do you think of, a hitman, or a crazed person? If you ask me, I would say both. Over two thirds of violent crime are for money or for fun. We can draw from this that one third of violent crime have reasons, either personal or for protests. We can also infer that many of the victims of violent crime have no relation to the criminal.

Why violent crime is increasing

Violent crime is increasing for many differnet reasons.

  • The first and main reason is that there are more people. Although we do not measure violent crime in people(we measure them in percentage to the population), more people means more criminals and more victims.
  • The second reason is that gangs are becoming more widespread. Before, there used to be a few gangs in a large city, but now, there are tens of gangs in cities. This is because after the 1940's, there was a miscarriage of power, police were dispersing the main gangs, this left the smaller gangs to gain power. But with so many small gangs all gaining power at the same time, none of them could be stopped. This led to gang wars over territory, which in turn led to violent crime.
  • The final reason is that violent crime is increasing. Although this may sound stupid and you may be saying 'Affable_Weaver, violent crime is increasing because violent crime is increasing?', violent crime causes more violent crime. Let me ask you a question, if you were a victim of violent crime, would you be the cause of more violent crime? This would be like revenge, almost like Batman. Batman's father was killed, this led Batman to hunt down and kill villains. But he killed more than that one villain killed. Because of one murder, over 50 murders have been done. And although you may argue that this is not the same, violent crime is violent crime. No matter if it was revenge or if it was criminals who were killed.

As you may have noticed, some parts of the text are highlighted in bold. These are questions I would like to be answered in the comments.

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