The holocuast


The holocaust was and is the biggest mass murder and most substantial hate crime in history . The Holocaust will always a be a word that conitates to sorrow , hardship and really just a horrific time . If you didn’t know already the holocaust was the process of inprosining and murdering the minorities of Europe . Yet , the most affected was mainly Jewish people .

In todays society people believe that we have moved on and only rember those tradgic events when needed . However , the Holocaust basically shaped today’s society .

yes I know others things did aswell but I’m not here to talk about that ...

Did you know Religious Education is the only legal subject your school is abliged to teach you ? Acording to the Education act 1944 and the Education reformed act 1988 every school is mandated to teach Re .

This is to prevent intolerance in today’s generation and boost openmindednus . Really it is to prevent such a collosal epidemic , like the Holicaust , resulting in millions of tradgies .

Because of the Holocaust we get the right to Religous Education , we get the privelige to learn about other cultures and grow up in a society where we are excepting of each other !

That is how the Holocaust shaped our society and is frequently remembered by millions of people .

( I would like to point out that I do not mean the the Holocaust was a good thing , it was a truly , truly despicable eiror in time and was an unforgettable tradjedy ) .

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  • balloon.png Claire @ Topical Talk
    25 Jan 2019

    Hi broadminded_cranberry, great work on writing a post! While the holocaust was truly terrible, in this Issue we're talking about the rise of violent crime in England and Wales at the moment. Why do you think violent crime might be increasing?

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    1. The-Ruth-Gorse-logo-250x250.jpg broadminded_cranberry | The Ruth Gorse Academy | United Kingdom
      Claire @ Topical Talk's comment 31 Jan 2019

      First of all I thought I had saved this a draft, I didn't mean to post it (sorry) further more I think one of the reasons why violent crime is increasing is because of the increase of the population, however I know sceptics may say 'just because there is more people doesn't mean we have to go against laws ' . Which I most definitely agree with however when looking at statistics I think that the population should also be involved in reasoning and even in news articles - like BNC say , this shows the whole picture .

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