The homeless want crime?


Homeless people of all ages are put under pressure everyday to get the necessary objects,food and water to survive.If you were homeless and found a easy way to get free accommodation for at least 3 years would you take the risk, even though you know it’s wrong?Crime in history has proven to tempt the poor on many events, even Adolf Hitler, but why?

Prision as dreadful as made out to be give people free food,water and accommodation all things that the homeless need so is it better in or out of prison.Before WW1 Hitler was homeless and put in prison many times for his political beliefs.So when world war one came he signed up straight away and believed his life was better.With this view and Hitler’s patriotism World War Two was made.Is this action ethically correct though?

The more violent a crime is the more social media will call for justice,as a result,a longer prison sentence hopefully will be demanded or a social argument against the government weak sentencing law. The longer sentences are for violent crime so a homeless person would prefer to kill someone over speeding. Is this one of the reason violent crime has gone up(in Wales and England) and overall crime has decreased?

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
    07 Jan 2019

    Hello! Well done for getting stuck into the Issue and writing a post.

    It's very important to make sure we have the facts with this Issue. You'll see that lots of your sessions are about making sure you have the right information. It's also important to only include relevant information.

    I'd like you to be sceptical of your own post and ask yourself:

    1. Is this information true? How can I be certain and what are my sources? It might be that a few ideas have been mixed up here or you have jumped to conclusions.
    2. Is this information relevant? Homelessness is an important topic that affects our society but is not directly relevant to this Issue. Is Hitler's life relevant to the current Issue?

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