The Rise Of Violent Crime-What is it about?

Overall crime has dropped by 75% in population over the past few years, but why has violent crime increased? This post explains and gives reasons to why the cause of this crime has risen.

What Is Violent Crime?

Violent crime can be an act of physical abuse done purposely to anybody, whether that means hitting someone with a bat or threatening to attack.Reasons of this might be because of someone thinks they have more power and can overule sombody else.Although as bad as it seems, murder is commonly known in violent crime. To be certain, 33,636 deaths occured by gunshot in USA 2013.Murder can be due to the following, gunshot,knife attacks, bombs,or even misused drugs.It is against the law to do such a thing as this, but people-including teenagers-are still -commiting this horrible crime.


You might use this word for your group of friends in school,but it does not mean somthing that innocent. A gang is a group of people [adults, teenagers or both] who usually meet in the same area and make plans to commit different crimes. I predict that these people like to make people suffer from their acts. They can make people feel intimidated and weak from their aggresive appearance. I think they could be the cause of some violent crimes.

Why Is Violent Crime Increasing?

My reasons for the increase and media attention of violent crime are based on the facts I have found out. Violent crimes could be increasing because of all the differenent arguements going on around the world including Brexit.People could disagree with the rules and damage or threaten another to get their desires. Religous beliefs could also be one of the many reasons, because people may not believe in religons like Islam or Christianity. My last reason is jealousy. Teenagers could be jealous of others and try to be like others. Although many other possible reasons can pop into mind, not all of them could be true. Police are trying to put an end to Violent crime by finding possible reasons, but sadly it still goes on today. Dont get frightened though, the chances of being a victim are very low, and we have our Police to sort out our problem and keep us safe. I hope this explains the answers to some of your questions.

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