In this structure, I believe the more violent crime is on the media, the more people get dissolved into it, which makes the violent crime less important. Violent crimes have been happening all over London and have dropped from 1955. Although England's crimes have dropped, doesn't mean that people shouldn't care. People in Scotland still have crimes running through their country and it might be a signal that violent crime could affect the Whole World. To prevent this from happening ,we should care more about the environment all around us. In my view, people might get involved in crimes just to get money. In political reasons, the crimes of one matter consieves into a bigger crime which includes many people , such as: the government, citizen's and also(maybe) foreigners.


Other countries may also have violent crime too. For example, Brazil has almost 20x more violent crimes in all the UK. Violent crime also includes terrorist attacks. On the media, it shows almost 50% of the crimes happening all across the Globe.

Let me know what you think?

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