Thought Leader announced!


Congratulations to The Ruth Gorse Academy!

The Ruth Gorse Academy has been awarded Thought Leader for Issue 3: The rise of violent crime. Lots of things caught our eye from this club and we think they're worthy winners of this half term's award.

Firstly, they have won a high amount of skills stars per club members. This shows that lots of students in the club are developing the BNC skills and showing them when they contribute online. Secondly, they went beyond writing posts and got stuck into conversations in the comments section. By replying to other BNC members, the BNC team and asking questions to the Experts, they showed curiosity and open-mindedness for other people's perspectives. Congratulations!

HIGHLY COMMENDED: We were also blown away by the contribution from Michael Faraday School this half term. Their Final pieces were moving, engaging and thought provoking. Well done!

We hope you enjoy Issue 4, which will begin next week.

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