Video & Discussion: Violent crime. Behind the headlines

Here's the video from session 2 for you to watch again. There's a lot of information in there!

Have a go at some of the questions below. Write your answers in the comments section!

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A) Why are the statistics different between the Office for National Statistics and the police?
A. CHALLENGE: if the statistics are different, how can we be sure that we're getting the whole picture and correct information when we hear crime figures reported?

B) What's one reason for the increase in knife crime outside of London?
B. CHALLENGE: why do you think the media often focuses on London? What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of this?

c) The murder rate in Scotland has decreased over the last ten years. What are the figures?
C. CHALLENGE: one of our experts for this Issue will be from the Violence Reduction Unit in Scotland. What questions do you have that you would like to ask? Some research might be needed here too!

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