Why do people commit violent crime? There are many reasons for this:

A) They are forced by another person because they fear the consequence

B) They think that if they commit it nobody is going to find out and they aren`t going to get caught. People like Pablo Escobar and other big criminals might inspire this way of thinking and these wrong actions.

C)The punishment for violent crime isn`t severe enough, people just don`t matter if they get caught because they know they will be out of jail soon and they can keep on with there criminal life.

D)They have no choice. Some people have no choice but to work with big criminals to earn some money. This sad because some people might not want to harm anyone but they`re forced because of the few opportunities that they are. Nowadays you earn a lot of money more easily by illegal ways.

Ways to prevent all of this:

A) People should never ever join gangs or get involve with them and even if they do the government should chase gang leaders and members and dissolve them because this way the criminals are weaker and more defenceless by themselves and they do not commit as many crimes.

B) Police should solve as many violent crimes as they can so the criminals don`t think its easy to commit violent crime and then get away with it.

C) The punishment should be much higher so thatb the delincuents actually fear the punishment.

D) I think that chasing drug dealers and all the ways of earning illegal money could make everyone richer because it is a lot of money that is being moved in doubtful ways. Having a better economy would generate more jobs and therefore all that people that commit violent crime because they have no choice would be able to get a job and earn money by legal methods.

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