violent crime


First we need to know what knife crime is its were a perpetrator thretens or uses force apon a victim this normally involves a knife.

So now we know what violent crime is, how can we prevent it the police could preform more stop and searches but that would not work with the number of police and policewomen on our streets right now. According to statistics from the U.K parliament knife crime went down from 2010-2014 but had a dramatic increase in the last half decade.

So why the increase, i believe that criminals do it because it is a drescrite way to carry a wepon. Also it is easy to use and discard.

Also this type of crime is being done by yough children , these kids are sometimes brought into it by were they live, if they are bored , want someone to look up to or have a sibling in the gang.

Please spread the work thankyou.

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