Violent Crime


What is violent crime?

A violent crime or a crime of violence is a crime in which an offender uses or threatens to use force upon a victim.

A act of violent crime that has happend recently.

A 18-year-old was stabbed to death during a street brawl in London - the second teenage killing in three days.Scotland Yard said officers were first called to “reports of armed youths in the street” in Lee, south-east London.“Officers attended and a short while later two males, both believed to be aged 18, attended a south London hospital with stab injuries,” a spokesperson added. “The first male died in hospital. The second male was treated in hospital and has since been discharged. His injuries were not deemed to be life changing.”Five people – three men and two women aged between 22 and 56 - have been arrested on suspicion of murder and remain in custody.

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