Violent crime


What is violent crime?

Violent crime is where someone threatens or physically hurts you,and also includes crime where a weapon is used.It will be classed as a violent crime if the offender clearly intends to physically hurt you.

What do violent crimes include?

Violent crimes can include assult,gun and knife crime,sexual assult,gang violence,hate crimes,robbery and murder.All of these things will hurt people in different ways.

Where does it happen?

Violent crime can happen in public spaces such as streets,clubs and pubs even at home.The most important thing to remember is that non of this is your fault.No one has the right to hurt you.

How violent crime can effect you?

It can be extremely frightening to experience this and as well as being hurt physically you can also be hurt emotionally.Some of these feelings could be blaming yourself,extreme anger towards the attacker or physical symptoms such as shacking,sleeplessness and crying all the time.All of these reactions are completely normal and you have your family and friends to confidently speak to and they will also support you.So will violent crime increase of decrease?Violent crime needs to stop.

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