Violent crime


Violent crime is when someone is physically hurt,or touched by another person,I found many different questions that i would like to answer,

"Is there such thing as victimless crime?"

This is a opinionavtive question,I don't think there is such thing as a victimless crime,because,Say if a shop or supermarket was robbed,the owner would be affected in this crime,Or if a squater came to live in an abandoned building,they would have to,Either destroy it,or redo it,

"Are criminals born or made?"

I think both,because A criminal could be born with a bad nature,and when there older,They would most likely to be trying to be a criminal by doing bad things and ganging

"Why are young people joining gangs?"

I think young people are joining gangs because they could be hanging out with the wrong croud,and not knowing there in a gang,Or criminals are bribeing teenagers,kids or young adults money if they join,but they may betray that person and it's hard to get out of a gang

"Why is violent crime increasing?"

Violent crime has dropped by alot by 10 years,but it still is increasing,This could be because when children are born there parents might teach them criminal activity,Violent crime may also be increasing because according to the police,Violent crime has increased on an astonishing amount in the past

Then there’s the possibility that the public may be reporting more crimes – the ability to report online, for example, makes it easier to do so, and where harassment crimes are concerned.

What opinion do you have?

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