Violent Crime


Violent crimes are increasing all over the world and I am carefully going to explain some interesting questions and facts that could get your minds thinking!

Why is Violent Crime increasing?

or my first fact, I am going to tell you why I think violent crimes are increasing. I am going to start with Theresa May. This is because of brexit as most people are going to lose money as we as a country are leaving the EU (European Union). If people are losing money, some people may have none at all therefore- if desperate enough- they may attempt to rob people, banks and anything for that matter. Thus people will get effected, banks will go bankrupt and economy would collapse.

Are criminals made or born?

I believe that criminals are made and not born. My reasoning behind this is that when you are born you have no knowledge of the world but as always I have many many more answers. Number 1: Depending on the way that you are raised, your parents could be criminal therefore they may raise you to be violent and to use violence against other people no matter what. Number 2: Children or young adults can be encouraged by friends, people on the streets and others to use violence as a game which it is not. This is making a criminal other than being born one. Number 3: My third and final reason is that the more violent television (The news, violent childrens cartoon ect) that they watch could hav an affect on their thinking about people that they could hate.

Is there such thing as a victimless crime?

In my personal opinion there is no such thing as a victimless crime. This is because there are many violent crimes that there will always be a victim. Even if you killed youself YOU are the victim in the crime. If you robbed a shop, you would have to break in and steal money effecting the shop ownersand the people that have to repair the building if it damaged. Now me and my year group had an exception about trespassing- trespassing is a crime but unless you are harming a person is there really a victim?

Why would young people join a gang?

Young people may join a gang for amusement but it can get out of hand very easily. This is because of the rise in Violent Crime. Gangs are groups of people that loiter in places and commit crimes. Young people may join these groups not knowing what they were signing themselves into. Thus, more and more gangs are being created doing more and more crimes, some being violent and many others being harmful but not crimes.

I hope that I have answered some of your thoughts and made things easier for you to understand. Comment your thoughts down below!! : )

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