Violent crime


Personally, I believe that there are numerous amounts of reasons why younger ages may go into violent crime. My first reason is that if a child has friends that perhaps are part of a Gang, that might be a negative gang, the child may feel the need to join the gang. This comes from the ongoing problem also known as peer preassure. Many people go through this it can be the smallest of things or biggest if things. A small thing could be perhaps be something such as shoes the feeling of needing to keep up with the trends and with your friends may occur. On the other hand, a big thing could be something such as joining a gang. As you may or may not aready know gangs lead up to violent crime in the future. This is a very negative of joining a gang.

When a child is in there teens they are bound to feel a mix of different feelings from hormones. They might feel isolated amongst their family and friends. They might not feel included. They might feel a bit like the spare tyre of the family. This can have a very negative impact on the teenager. They might turn to a gang. This is where they might feel a sense of belonging, a sense of being part a family. The teen may feel like they have got people to back them up in times of trouble. Therefore, this can lead to violent crime.

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