Knifes are dangerous and can kill

And they can make people have to write there will

Now i'm being serious

Knives are basically a virus

I'm talking to all the boys now

I'm simpely just saying wow

That you can go around and try to act cool

But really in the inside you are a fool

To everyone who wants to shank

I'm gonna make you walk down the big plank

Which sadly is going to lead you to prison

Just because you have no vision

Of all the people that have died

Just because there was a little collide

Imagine the parents of wounded person

They would be thinking could this worsen

Could I lose another son

Just to a old boy with a gun

Or maybe a daughter

Who could get slaughtered

Knifes are such a shame

And some people think it's a game

Remember Steve Frank the man that was killed on New Years Day

He was only trying to say hip hip hooray

I want you to think about this

And all the names just like Chris

Who really wanted to live a life

But on that day he was stabbd by a knife

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