Violent Crime Poem

Violent crime,

It isn't right,

Now should be peacetime,

No more fights,

Crime can ruin lives,

People should stop now,

Young people shouldn't be playing with knifes,

We need to end this no matter how,

Innocent people are put in danger,

Gang members acting reckless,

So many lives they shouldn't endanger,

Violence is what we should see less,

People can change,

They can see the light in being good,

Even though it might seem strange,

The bad guys can learn to do what they should,

Young kids can be dragged into this,

Even when it's not what they want,

At first being part if a gang might seem bliss,

But soon each sin will come to taunt,

Violent crime is no joke,

We need to take this seriously,

For it is something we must evoke,

People should act responisbly

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