Violent crime poem- Final piece

A life to some has become so worthless,

Lost in ways that make people feel nervous.

Causes and solutions have become unclear.

Why not do something instead of waiting for them to appear…

The uncontrollable power of temptation,

Having an effect on the entire of our nation.

Maybe you feel like nothing is real,

So you just sit there and accept the deal.

Destroying your reputation,

Shattering your dreams,

You think that everything is always what it seems.

Weapons continue to pour into our towns,

Why is it that our eyes are always looking down?


Plunging into the ignorable signs showing death, danger, pain and warnings.

Still, we won’t accept defeat!

No more sitting and watching as crimes happen in the streets.

There are people in this world that are here to help you, support and protect you.

So don’t just sit afraid in the dark,

Speak and play your part!