Violent crimes- questions need answering


Violent crimes have risen by 19%, however crimes on the whole have been falling. The BBC have said that murder rates have been the highest in a decade, with 719 people having been murdered, despite being rare in the UK compared to very other country. Overall, 1 in very 100,000 people have been murdered over the past years. 4,000 children have been convicted for crimes where a knife had been used or carried. Survey data made by the police is a more reliable way of observing the most serious type of violence, but it is not telling us the reason as to why they are being committed…

With crimes being constantly shown on the news, is that a way for people to become influenced?

Personally, I think that less crimes should be shown on the news, as people who use the news as a source of information are being constantly shown what other people are doing with the use of violence. Despite this, many people that also use social media can be influenced from the negative posts/comments that people are posting onto their accounts. It can make people angry and upset, and so much that they feel that they have to lash out.

There are quite a few questions as to why violent crimes are being committed; are some of these questions (below) a cause as to why?

Is it a way for young people to lash out their anger because they are not taught how to communicate verbally in school?

Are older people influencing younger people to act in physical or harmful ways to other people? Is this happening because of gangs?

Is it because people are not getting enough opportunities to tell someone if they are struggling? Especially with mental health?

Were they radicalised? Did they think that they were doing the right thing for god?

Are they being brainwashed so they think that it is the right thing to do?

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
    17 Jan 2019

    Great questions asked here, well done! I look forward to hearing what other people think. It would be good to also put any questions you have in the 'ask the experts post' , as they'll be passed to the relevant people next week!

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