violentcrime- definition


in this post i will be focusing on our new topic. i will start of by telling you the definition of the different typesof crime. then i will move on to match some words to the different type of crime.

Crime: Actions that you do which are against the law and could have consequences

Gang: A group of people which join together and are violent and commit crimes

Violent Crime: A crime in which someone is threatened or hurt physically this includes the use of weapons

Knife Crime: This could be either carrying a knife or injuring people with a knife

The Media: The news,Whether it's radio, TV or maybe even things like Facebook they're ALL the media

Justice: Your fair consequence, it doesn't always have to be for crimes but most people know how justice is served in court

There are the definitions. now i will match some words to a different type of crime.

crime: revenge, pity or fear.

gang: misleading, family or beloning.

violent crime: angry, wrong or dangourous.

knife crime: Sadness, Revenge or fear.

the media: Trust, Desperate or misleading.

justice: Fear, Scary or punishment.

I chose some of these words because i thought they really fit the type of crime. what words do you think of for crime. I will love to read your comments.

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