Violent/knife crime


There has been newspapers,who have mainly been focused on this issue.This issue is talked about many times in the newspaper

The truth is some newspapers fake the news,they might not mention it or they might even change the statics.This might be concerning for many citizens.The news sometimes doesn’t listen to the views of people,who have knowledge about the issue,have observed the issue or even gone through it themselves.

Some people claim,that some newspapers don’t follow the statics and facts,they are given by police or other people,who have knowledge about this issue.

For example,the news claims that knife crime has been increasing.Although,police claim that it is decreasing every year.Murder is also talked a lot about in the news.But 715 people have been murdered in 2017,which has been the highest in the past ten years.

Some newspapers have considered that certain people,certain races and religions have commited these crimes.In my opinion,this is unfair.The phrase,which is oftenly used in the newspaper articles everyone has human rights.If the newspapers themselves use this phase,should’not them commit to it?