Not seeing your post published? What we want for this Issue


This Issue is all about the recent rise in violent crime; how the media reports on this and whether there are any solutions. You'll be having some heated and difficult discussions in your classrooms and we know you'll bring some fantastic discussion to the Hub.

On the Hub, we're looking for:

  • COMMENTS that reply to other club members and use the BNC skills.
  • POSTS that are original and well-developed (NOT posts that are repetition the same as posts which already exist or only a few lines long - they might not be published!)
  • Reasons for your point of view
  • Evidence to back up your arguments

If you post something repeating a discussion that already exists, we won't publish the post. Much better conversations will happen if you share your ideas underneath the post that already exists!

Creative writing opportunities will come towards the end of the Issue.

We will not publish posts or comments which we think might be upsetting to other BNC members.

We can't wait for the conversation to get started!

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