What can we do to help society ~ Violent Crimes....


Young people

1) What can we do to help young people ?

The first things we could improve on is helping children not getting into trouble. E.G : Getting into crime, Joining gangs. We can do this by talking about this on social media and parents can talk to their children about it.

2) Why young people join gangs...

Young people might be pressured into doing things like stealing or carrying drugs or weapons, the pressure could be coming from threats or abuse. Being part of a gang makes them feel part of a family so they might not want to leave. Even if they do, leaving or attempting to leave can be a really scary idea. They might be frightened about what will happen to them, their friends or their family if they leave. Another point is if their family are struggling for money they might join a gang for money to help the faminly, but really they don't know what they're getting themselves into.


Violent crimes in the UK are mostly knife crimes, so my opinion to stop that is make sure you have I.D for knifes. We have to have an I.D for alchohol, so why not knifes? If you see anybody holding a knife, baring a knife, call the police emergancy urgantly, it is illegal to carry a knife with you even if it's for self defence because that is where it gets out of hand. Gun crime is less common in the UK because we have banned them, you can only have a gun if you have a licence for one.

When we report crime, does it increase or decrease?

Well, if we go off of the police's stactics it depends on what type of crime it is, but accordingly crime is increasing, especially violent crime. The defenition for violent crime is where somebody hurts - or threatens to hurt - somebody else. If we report crime it is obviously going to increase because we're telling them what has happened.

Types of violent crime...

  • murder
  • assault
  • kidnapping
  • harassment
  • robbery
  • endangerment
  • neglegence

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