What Causes Criminals?


We know that there is crime going on in the world, but what makes a person become a criminal? In this post, we will be discussing what makes somebody commit a crime.

Past Crimes

Before we talk about the ideas, we need to see examples of past crimes. People do this because we need evidence to prove and backup our thoughts. We will start in 1893, where an angry police man murdered his girlfriend out of anger. We predict they quarrelled with each other to end up like this, but because nobody knows for sure, it is hard to prove. Now let’s skip ahead to 1969, where East End Gang Lords murder George Cornell. Because George was a villain anyway, I predict they did this out of defence. So now we have an idea that people commit crimes out of normal emotions, what do you think?

(I couldn’t find the link)Name Of Book- The Chronicle Of Crime

Possible Ideas

Now we know why most people commit of anger and protection, we can start think of ideas. People might go through a bad time as a child or adult, and become a criminal out of protection. My second reason is for teenagers or adults. Breakup or being rejected. I think this because when you go through this you might feel angry and upset. I cant think of more reasonable ideas, but feel free to discuss ideas. I hope this gives you ideas and answers. Thank you for reading!

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