What causes teenagers to join Gangs?


I believe that Gangs play a huge part in violent crime. In my opinion, in most cases, most teenagers give in to peer pressure and join Gangs. This is because at school everyone wants to fit in and be accepted. In some cases, teenagers join gangs to try to impress other people.This motivates them to care about what other people will think or say. This can affect teenagers pyscologically in a way that makes them think that they have to act a certain way just to satisfy a certain person. Or that they can't be themself around certain people. I found proof of this in an animated story on youtube by a channel called Actually Happened called 'I Am A Boy And I Love Dolls. Am I weird?'

Also, not only does peer pressure influence teenagers to join gangs, but bullying does too. As I mentioned, this makes them want to act a certain way when they are near a certan person or group of people who they feel they have to impress. Moreover, the media has a huge effect on violent crime. According to telegraph.com , "Nearly half of England's 14-year-olds have been a victim of bullying and cyber-bullying is now the joint most common form, according to new research". Also, according to relate.org, "Teenagers join gangs because of Peer pressure from their friends or schoolmates and wanting to gain popularity, status or respect".

Another thing is, if a teenager doesn't have a good up-bringing, they have no one to look up to. No role-model. This connotates to having irresponsible parents or bad things happening at home. For example, if a teenager's parent is always abandoning them or leaving them to solve their problems alone it can make them think something is the right solution; but it really is the wrong decision. For example, if a teenager is being bullied, and their parents don't spend enough time with them, it can make them think that they should just keep it to themselves because they're afraid of what the bully could do to them if they tell someone.

Social media can also influence teenagers in a bad way. A proof of this is when teenagers aspire to look like people they see on instagram, or snapchat in photos or videos. Because that person is society's perfect image to them. For example, one of the things I mean by 'society's perfect image' is when some girls think they have to be underweight to be be beautiful. Because social media has brainwashed some girls, they think that they have to meet certain standards. According to priorygroup.com , "The eating disorders charity, Beat, estimates that there are over 1.6 million people struggling with an eating disorder throughout the UK.".

A lot of times people get eating disorders because they care about what other people say. So when they care about what others say, it can make people want to do the wrong thing because everyone else is doing it so they just want to fit in because they don't want others to gossip about them or make fun of them because they are doing the right thing. So how does this make them want to join gangs? In conclusion, I believe that most teenagers involve themselves in gangs and violent crime because they care about what others think. Then that develops to make them do the wrong thing, and then they go even further into violent crime.

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