What do criminals expect?


Have you ever wondered what criminals expect to happen when the commit a crime? Do they expect the police to say it’s ok for them to steal because their family is poor? All criminals have their reasons, but crime still isn’t right.

Most criminals think that they can get revenge from someone and they will get away with it, but that isn’t the case. Criminals won’t get away with their crimes. Sometime people steal little things like sweets and those people probably won’t get caught because their crime wasn’t s very big one but usually, they take bigger risks like robbing something slightly bigger than sweets and start stealing money and that is when they will get caught and sent to jail. Justice was served.

The police have 5,515,882 crime records in 2017 and 2018 in England and Wales. That is a lot for two small countries. Violent crime is the most common crime and it has become a problem, knife crime especially. Everyone has a knife at home so people can easily get a knife and injure someone. It isn’t right how easily people can get these weapons, but we can’t ban knives.

Crime needs to be stopped, before it hurts anyone else.

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