What is the difference from family and a gang?

What is the difference from family and a gang?


Gang: an organize group or ciminals.

Family: a group consisting of two parents and their child/children as a unit.

A common thing about the definitions is that they are both are types of groups.


'Young people might feel that they don't recieve enough support or attention at home' from Gangfree.org. I think this is true because Stefen (a person that has changed his way of life) was once in a gang because they gave him attention that he wanted. I think this is a common reason for joining a gang. In a family (most) people get love and attention that is needed for a young person's development- the same as a gang. Unfortunately, Stefen was decieved by his gang and was sent to juvinille prison; afterwhich he learnt his lesson and decided to change for the better and teach others how to leave/avoid joining a gang.

The difference is a family is less likely to decieve you than a gang but still can.

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