What is Violent Crime?


Hey Guys its me again, artistic_opinion and today I will be talking about the new issue- Violent Crime.Make sure you leave a comment down below and please feedback on my posts.Without further ado lets begin...

Some words you might not know:

Illegal: Something orbidden by law

Perpetrator: Someone who carries an illegal act

What is violent crime:

Coming from the title a violent crime is a crime. Violent crime is when a perpetrator attacks or threatens a victim. Violent crimes may, or may not, be committed with weapons. If caught a perpetrator could go to court. A perpetrator could spend minimum eight months in prison, or maximum four years in prison.

This Image shows someone getting arrested for violent crime.


  • 8.9 million crimes, in the UK.
  • 22% of prisoners in London are charged for violent crime


When most violent crimes are commited, police block off the crime scene to investigate.

Forensic scientists approach the crime scene and are one of the most important members of a

anti-crime force.

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