Why are violent crimes are incresing?


This week at Burnet News Club we have moved on to a new topic all about violent crimes.In my opinion I think this is a great topic for us to learn about especily in primary school as then we will grow and learn no to do things like this.During Burnet News Club we also got a quetion each about things like:how do you stay safe? or why are violent crimes increasing?

Why are violent crimes increasing?

I think that violent crimes are increasing because of the gangs and midea.I think gangs because people who are already in gangs are forsing young children into thinking its cool to be in a gang like that.I also think that it is because if they think they are in a gang like that they might think there safer to be in it then they would be out.I think midea because there are so many TV shows all about crimes cought on camra all around the world and that will make people think and want to be like them since they get all the attention.

Why do you think violent crimes are increasing?

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  • I agree with you because 1 you have a good point of view and WHY are violent crimes increasing!!?? We are trying to do things but nothings happened.😟😤😤 Seriously why are they still doing it and not stopping!!!!!!😠🙊 At least arest

  • I agree because they are not going down there going up because people decide to do it instead of stoping it
    and people are sad that's it's caring on 😞

  • I think it's true because linking to what the burnet news club said people do think there cool if there in a gang,but sometimes they hurt or callpeople

  • they are increasing because people are bullying people in high school and in primary school and do you want to teach people to kill people and they are watching it on media and tv .

  • I think they are increasing because more people are being born and then there parents are doing bad so the children think it's right so they copy and realise no difference and get in bad situations.

  • violent crimes are increasing because young children / teens are going into gangs and people are playing and watching many violent games and because they are watching it they start to do it in real life and that is very bad because more people are being hurt and more people are passing away

  • vilonet crimes are increasing because it is a horrible thing to do and when people try it they think it is funny and they love doing it also people gang up and lie to other people and when they grow up it gets worse and worse that's why its infulusing other people so never do it

  • Yeah why are violent crimes increasing. Must be more people learning to become criminals. It's not good, we need more police to join, would be much appreciated and better. Things are not growing. The government needs to make up more rules and police. 👮. Come on environment. The world stop. All I can say is no more crime especially violent crimes increasing against us. This is not not great but it gives us their last chance.

  • I think because people or children start watching things that are not good or not for there age.

  • I think it's true because linking to what the burnet news club said people do think there cool if there in a gang, but sometimes they hurt or call people names to get there attention.They could Evan kill someone if there that cruel.

  • I think they are increasing by teenagers who threaten people (children) to do things for them like steal , kill, ect. Also by children copying older people in there families or copying things from the TV and playing Volant games

  • I think violent crime is increasing because of, like splendid_tree, gangs but also fear.
    Again I agree with you about gang members forcing/tricking young people into thinking crime is cool. For example claiming that there gang is a sports group so that person will tell more and more people until it has loads of members and lots of members means lots of crime.
    My other reason (fear) is because often older people think that if they join a gang other people wont hurt them. The truth is that they have to face something worse- the police

  • I agree with you elected parrot and splendid tree because people are saying the UK is more dangerous than it actually is also on session 3 we will find out if your right or not because an X gang member will tell us.

  • I came to the conclusion that violent crime is increasing because gangs commit violent crimes but because a gang is a group of people they can cover or have each others back . Also it can also be influenced by family and friends , also the might encourage you that it is something to be celebrated .I also thought about how it is more likely to happen because sometimes even police are victims of violent crimes and there are less polices and more violent crime which makes it easier to get away with.

  • After much thinking, I came up with some ideas of why I think violent crime is increasing.

    When I was thinking about violent crime, the word ‘GANG’ immediately came to my head. Gangs usually target homeless or poor people because they don’t have help or protection. They either threaten or bribe people to join them and then force them to do illegal things for them. As a result the number of people involved in violent crime is increasing. In addition to this, the likeliness of violent crime will increase when there is a financial crisis. This is because people are desperate for money or valuable items.

    I then started thinking of other things rather than gangs and realized that there are other things that can lead to violent crime. There is more and more drugs and alcohol being sold and this can affect people’s mental health. This can lead to violent crime being committed because they are getting drunk. Violent shows, movies and games can also encourage people to take up violent crime. Moreover, if you have parents who commit violent crime, it can influence young children and make them believe that violent crime is the right way to deal with things.

    The last reason I could think of is because there are less police than before. This may be because they are being killed by criminals or because of the things that they are experiencing that encourage then to quit their job.

  • John-Ruskin-logo-250x250.jpg outgoing_idea | John Ruskin 21 Jan 2019

    I think violent crime is increasing because people now think that they can get away with it because they hide their weapons.