Why Do People Even take This Risk To Kill Others ?


There can be lots ideas going on in a killers head and so can yours like wondering why they want to kill innocent people.I think that they do have reasons sometimes but occasionally it just comes with no explaining behind it although things shouldn`t have to end with killing in any circumstance! Here I`m going to explain why people will go this far to kill.

With certainty, I think people kill because of poverty. They feel that`s the only way to earn money to provide for their family which is not doing very well financially and they can`t have the qualification as they don`t have money to pay for university. The facts show that they have nothing on their status that leads to them probably not getting a proper job that pays for life essentials-not even extra stuff.On channel 5 they have a programme where people tell there story also linked with helping their family.https://www.channel5.com/show/gangland/

Another way people want to kill people is because of hate and someone owes them something.For example, if someone has an abiding hatered for someone they feel and end up killing them.If someone owes someone money they get really angry and aggressive that they kill them in a flash and regret it all through their life some don't because they do not turn over a new leaf!

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk 18 Jan 2019

    Thanks for your post. Let's remember that murder rates in the UK are very low. In fact, you're more likely to be killed by playing football than by being murdered. I'm a bit confused by your point about poverty. Although poverty might increase the likelihood of somebody committing a crime, it is an assumption to say that people kill because of poverty. Remember, murder is a very extreme example of a crime and we must be careful not to generalise.

  • amazing post thank you. murder is a really bad crime that no one should do

  • I think that criminals risk killing people because even though they don't like to they do it because other gang members do it too.

  • To valuable_moth,
    I think your post was very interesting and well written.
    my honest opinion on why innocent people are killed during crimes is that either the person is no use to them, is in there way, has been framed by some one else, they are careless, they witnessed something bad or top secret or they need something to take there anger out on. Just think, how would you feel if all your hopes and dreams are suddenly crushed in a matter of seconds by being killed. Luckily, innocent people getting murdered is at a low chance of happening in the uk so it is not such a big thing to worry about but one day it might!
    Yours faithfully

  • I think it's just weird to take the risk of killing somebody because the killer already knows what's going to happen to him/her but he thinks nobody's going to see him/her . That's because he/her is listening to the "devil ."

  • I like all your thoughts