Why do teenagers carry a knife for protection ?

Teenagers are carrying a knife for protection because the society they live in has had many previous gun and knife crime which is making the residents and passers-by very unsafe .

People at the age of 18 think carrying a 15 inch knife can make them safe even though them holding it has a a risk on the people around them such as family and friends and others . Young adults can't say to the police "I was defending my self" . The idea that would pop in the police's head would be he/she is carrying a weapon at a young age therefore he/she are taken into custody.

How can the teenagers be safe in their area?

The community can......

  • Add phone chargers so they can charge their phone to keep it full for any situation .
  • Install security guards and cameras at every corner .
  • Put alarms in every place and in every house and
  • Open local police stations and places where you can express your feelings , thoughts and worries .

To conclude everyone should be safe like anyone else and never be worried or frightened . If anybody has a worry , thought or a feeling being by themselves in the area , they should tell a adult , one of your family members or even the police officers :D

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