Why do YOU think violent crime is increasing?


We believe that violent crimes are increasing.

The person or people who start commiting disgraceful crimes are continuing to encorage other people to do this. Is this because they believe that they can affectively commit these crimes, earn money and get away with it without being caught or charged by the police? This is one reason why we think violent crimes are increasing.

There are other reasons we think violent crime is increasing especially with young people. We question whether some young people think that being in a gang and commiting a crime is 'cool' and there is a lack of respect and care for other people. What has happened to our society that children and young people have stopped caring about human life?

We realise that some children and young people could be coerced into joining gangs and commiting violent crime against their will because they might be intimidated and frightened. As a society we need to work out how we can make sure children are brave and strong enough to say no to this.


by accomplished _chamelion and dependable _duck

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