Why Do Young People Join Gangs?


Gangs’ appeals are increasing on young people. They are influencing the youth terribly. This is why I am writing a post - to explain why young people are joining gangs. There are many reasons why they think they should be in a gang, and some are really desperate; fighting or queueing up to get into a gang.

Reason 1: Neglect

The most common reason of why young people are joining gangs is neglect. They may be mistreated by their family (or even friends), and the only solution - they think - is to join a gang. There, they state they can be loved, and feel like part of a real family.

Reason 2: Peer Pressure

Some young people may join gangs due to peer pressure. Peer pressure can really harm you, physically or even phsycologically, therefore it is really likely that someone would join a gang because of this.

Reason 3: Status

Another reason is the status they might gain amongst peers and others. I have found out that lots of young people think joining gangs is cool, which provokes them to join these gangs, mostly if they have a bad status already.

Reason 4: Financial Gain

My last reason of why young people join gangs is for financial gain and/or other rewards. This is simply explained in the reason itself: it is for their gain. Maybe they could earn something for it, and this makes them almost keen on joining gangs.

I really think joining gangs is terrible, as it could not only harm the participants in it, but the environment itself; gangs usually do graffiti or other vandalisements, which evidently is a horrible thing

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