why do young people want to join gangs ?


This week on burnet news we have been talking about different type of crime's because this is our new theme .We got a question each and mine was Why might a young person want to join a gang so now im going to be telling you why a young person will want to join a gang .

I think that a young person would want to join a gang because they might of been pick on by a gang before and because that hapened to them they think that they can do it to some one else but it doesnt work like that because that person who you are bullying didn't do anything wrong to you. Another point of veiw is that older children encouraged little childen to make or join a gang which is called persuading which means you are bribeing people to join the gang and make wrong choices

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  • Tiff-Avatar.jpg Tiff @ Topical Talk 09 Jan 2019

    Hi tenacious_whale,

    Thanks for your post and sharing your question from your task.

    One of the session videos this half term is an interview with an ex-gang member and he explains some of the reasons he joined a gang.

    I found this NSPCC page about it which has some helpful information and phone numbers if anyone ever feels any pressure to join a gang.


  • Great point! Another thing to add is that people also join gangs to act cool and have street credit but its not worth anything in the long run as it can change your life upside down

  • aurhentic i agree with that cause some poeple do that

  • I think that another reason that children join gangs is that a gang can offer them some protection from the things or people that they are scared of. It can help them feel as if they belong somewhere. This can then be used against them to persuade them to do acts of violence or other criminal activity so that they can still be part of a gang. Without the gang they can feel vulnerable.

  • I think that another reason that children join gangs is because if they get bullied they want to do it back

  • I think young people join gangs to get away from something that is happening at home.The gang can help them feel less depressed and will make them feel better by taking it out on other people.

  • They want to join gangs because they want to fit in and be like other people . Also they don’t want to be called scaredy-cats so don’t join a gang it’s a bad idea !

  • I think that the reason young people join gangs is because there are more people in gangs then not (at least to them). This would mean that instead of being in the crossfire, it is safer to be in the gang

  • Some people might be in a gang because they don't want to become a victim of one. Also, everyone around them might be in a gang so they don't want to feel out of place. People might be in a gang because they might want to be cool, when they won't be. As well as this they might be in one because they want some friends.

  • John-Ruskin-logo-250x250.jpg bustling_mango | John Ruskin 21 Jan 2019

    I think children join gangs because maybe the gang has been black mailing them and persuaded him to join the gang or they think that they're just kids so they can get away with everything and they can't get in jail.