Why has there been more knife crime on our streets ?


In our club at the end of school we had a dicesion to make: why do we think knife crime has gone up?

We had three choices

-There are fewer police on the streets than there used to be .

-Younger people dont have enough opertunites

-The govnerment are not tough enough on knife crime

I narrowed it down to two so here are my reasons for both for and against

There are fewer police on the streets than they used to be .

For- There has been a massive fall in the police team in the latest years . Over 2000 police men & women have quites the police team i have a couple reasons it might be

  • Serving for the police is a tiring job and they have to work long hours.
  • Their salarys might hve begun to slip
  • They are too busy to handle the pressure

Against- The police force is still huge and overall crime is slipping down which is good.

It might be slipping down beacuse-

  • People are realising that what they are doing is wrong.
  • They might have a new passion
  • Young people are less likely to join a gang

Which nicley brings me on to my next reason.

Young people dont have enough oppertunitys

For- The govnerment dont spend enough money in the familly's who have children living in poverty therefore they are bored and are more likely to join a gang in their local arera i have a few reasons to why the govnerment are not investing in youths

  • They need the money to spend on something more important
  • They dont want to spend it on something like this where you can easily change the way you act
  • They dont really care about gangs and youths they would invest in something more positive and where it would benifit from it most.

Against - I am a child that is not involved in knife crime and i kow a few freinds that have closley avoided knife crim it is possible so i dont get why some people just dont act on their beheviour .

Thanks for reading



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