Why I Think Crime Is Bad?


After all of our discussions this half term I think crime is bad in particilar because even after doing the crime you won't really gain anything from it. If someone has made you upset then you shouldn't really do anything bad to them. I think the best way is to talk to someone about it rather than fighting with them. If you do something back to them, they will know that you're hurt and they will be happy because that's what they want. But if you forget about it and show them it doesn't really hurt you then they will leave you alone since you're not getting hurt by them.

I think it's bad because causing 1 crime will lead to more crimes and it won't ever stop.

When there is a terrorist attack they're causing crime and hate for no reason at all. Maybe it's just that they don't like that place or the people who live there but instead of causing crime they will have to learn to deal with it and LEAVE IT ALONE.

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