Why people commit violent crime


I feel that the reason people commit crime and violent crime is because they have a sad/bad life. Like bullys the only reason they bully is because they have a sad life outside of school so if you have been bullyed you should feel sorry for them they have the worst upon them thats what i've learnt . So if you do hear about violent crime increasing it is because the people that are killing/hurting people is are sad .Because they were hurt now that might be a victmless crime but only if the person that was killed was hurting the person that had killed .Now the reason people commit the crime is because they feel good about it . They feel good about it because they let most of there anger out on the person that has been killed/hurt . Overall crime has lowered BUT violent crime has increased why do you think this has happened ?

This is what you should say if you have been bullyed/hurt

Shoot for the moon even if you miss you will land amoung the stars !

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