Why social media should not always show crime


The media should not always show crime because of many reasons like :

people get scared

people will get used to it and will not care as much

people might think since the post every crime and people might think that the place they live is too dangerous and move

people get too scared when they keep on hearing loads of crimes happening and get so scared and then it prevents them from going outside because they feel too scared to go outside because they think something is going to happen to them and children might get nightmares and can not sleep so people get too scared that is one reason of why they should not always show crime in social media or the news.

If crime should not always shown in the news or social media because then people get too used to it and do not care that much and do not take that much notice of it so if someone got stabbed and the news would always show crime they would say oh someone like it does not matter but if the news showed it once in a while then they would say oh no it is such a shame it is so sad that a person got stabbed like they care because if you think about it before we had technology there was a huge drop in crime.

The media should not be showing crime all the time because they might think the area is too dangerous and not safe enough and move out of that area thinking it is too dangerous because the media and news exaggerate too much and make the world sound more dangerous than the world actually is.

however there is a reason they always do it is because if they do not peopl will become unconscious and will not know if there is something really bad happening in their area .

In conclusion the media should and should not because we need to know what is happening the world.

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  • Tiff-Avatar.jpg Tiff @ Topical Talk
    28 Jan 2019

    Perhaps rather than not reporting crime at all in the news, there could be some ways to report in order to be responsible.
    Can you think of any guidance that you would give media organisations?
    For example, always present the correct facts and put them into a wider context.

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    1. Millbank-logo-250x250.jpg mirthful_tennis | Millbank Academy A
      Tiff @ Topical Talk's comment 19 Feb 2019

      Yes only put true and big crimes so for example when Grenfell Tower burnt that is true and big news but if someone got stabbed and it is not true they are giving useless information and for the people that think that is true will get scared over a fake crime also we do not need to hear about every single little crime .

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