Listen up i have got a message for you,

It involves the youngens the teens and the adults too,

There is a really big prooblem that needs to be solved ,

And we need your help to do it .

There have been many crimes that have taken place ,

We need to get it sorted and pick up the place ,

Before someone elses life gets raken.

There have been many childre just causing trouble,

Down by the bookies or at the chicken shop,

And they get punished for doing those things.

Listen this isnt something to play with,

Knifes arent just little toys,

One slice and someone is gone !

They are weapoms tht vam damage someone and their family.

What i am trying to say is,

Vicious gangs arent games,

They can sometimes be a group of friends but now a days the vicious gangs are lurking round corners.


All the lives that have gone,

Are still ringing round our heads.

We cant live in a world full of pain, worry and hate,

These things cant be swept underneath the carpet.


Help us to try and cut off all of this violence.

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  • New-Horizons-logo-250x250.jpg steadfast_moon | New Horizons Children's Academy
    22 Feb 2019

    I agree that we need help to cut off all of the violence that is going on, but you didn't mention how. I think people that have had experiences with crime, either involved in it or someone did it to them, should be able to tell us about their experiences. I think this because it will show people what can happen if you join a gang, how bad it is. More and more kids want to leave gangs, they regret joining because they never knew what it would be like. I also think more children would understand how bad gangs are if we taught them about gangs because they would know what they do and how it can affect the economy, and, more importantly, people's lives. This will keep in the mind's of people the impact of crime and how one tiny crime is tearing the economy apart, and taking precious lives away from Britain.

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