Witnesses: What can they do?


In crime, the role of witnesses is often overlooked, so what can they do to help?

What are they?

In a crime there are four types of people. Firstly, there are the Criminals who commit the crime, secondly there are the Normal Witnesses who see the crime but they do not do anything, next there are the Helpful Witnesses who see the crime happen and use one of the methods I will list down below, and lastly there is the Victim who is the recipient of the crime.

What do Helpful Witnesses do?

Well... they can...

Call either 999 or 911

Remember to Call, Speak, Explain

Illogical thinking will not work

Make good notes of what happened

Engage rather than exit the process

What do the Unhelpful Witnesses do (or not do)?

As I said there are two types of witnesses, the Helpful ones and the Unhelpful ones. So, why do the Unhelpful ones not help? Well... it's a bit complicated as there are lots of reasons why they do not help so why don't you post a comment on why you think they do not help?

My opinion

I think that no matter the situation, the witnesses should do something!

Please comment what you think about this!

Coming Soon...

Situations: Part One

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  • Thanks for the helpful information

  • I think the witnesses to speak up. Unfortunately, some people don't feel comfortable talking about what they saw and sometimes pretend they didn't see anything.

  • I believe that the witness should definitely, definitely speak up because I believe that if you choose not to speak up in some senses you are just as bad as the criminal you need to stand up for the victim if you were to see someone getting murderd surely you wouldn’t keep the secret that is a humongous thing to witness you need to tell someone about it. You might feel threatened by the criminal if you are going to tell the police. However, that doesn’t matter because by law you can’t be threatened by anyone it is wrong. If you tell the police you will automatically be safer.

  • thank you for your helpful information. Do you think you could improve.

  • The Wittess can do a lot but some times they can get scared and say the wrong thing

  • You need to think about the trauma that a witness may have faced and how it would prevent from speaking upn

  • I like your post, however I think you should put more writing and facts.

  • Actually it's supposed to say (in the comment)10 times LESS accurate so they don't show that they done it . I was wrong at first .

  • John-Ruskin-logo-250x250.jpg tidy_plantain | John Ruskin 23 Jan 2019

    When is part two coming out because this post was very interesting

  • John-Ruskin-logo-250x250.jpg tough_thought | John Ruskin 23 Jan 2019

    Thank you all for the support! :)

  • I think that unhelpful witness might not be helpful because they might be scared of the person that committed the crime and what they might do to them

  • I think the wittnesses should speak up. But unfortunately some people are uncomfortable to speak out loud.

  • I think the witness should speak up because if the person doesn't, no one would know who had committed the crime. I think the witness shouldn't because if they don't believe the person, they might sentence her. But unfortunately people are not comfortable speaking.

  • I think that some witnesses may be truthful and do the right thing by calling police and reporting what happened but others may just be 'bystanders' and just let the crime scene continue . Some may even just run away and just let others be hurt .They normally do this because they are scared and they don't want to be part of this crime scene so that they're not accused of anything or even hurt by those who are committing the crime. They may even let this happen if they don't like the person who is being attacked.

  • The Unhelpful Witnesses might feel as though it is not their problem, which isn't right. If they have seen, they should stop it if they can, call for help or give vital information to the police that they have witnessed.

  • Witnesses could be helpful in a crime scene because they saw the actions of the criminal and the crime that they did; however, they may not be helpful because they might actually be on the criminals side. Another reason why witnesses could be unhelpful is because they might not want to be involved in any thing that the police have to look into. This may be because they might think that they did the crime when they are completely innocent. But if a witness has to go into court they have to make an oath and solemnly state (swear to) tell the truth, so they aren't completely useless. I think that normal witnesses are the kind that are useless because they don't do anything - not even call 999! The criminal is also partially useless because they might lie to get out of prison. The victim could be useful if it wasn't a violent crime but if it was they're not much help because they've either passed or badly injured. And the helpful witness is helpful if they choose to be.
    Overall witnesses are useful.

  • they could be totally honest and tell the truth

  • i think that witnesses are the vital parts of a crime because usually they are the ones who have seen the crime happen and also they usually know what the whole issue about a crime was .

  • I definitely think people should confess to what they saw because what they saw could be a lot of help and possibly save someones life but, they might be to scared to tell people what they saw and keep it hidden away forever even if it will help a lot,they might of been threatened by the criminal to not tell anyone or, they were the person that committed the crime but just in disguise.

  • You have spent some time researching

  • If you are a witness you should use all your proof so that the police can use your proof to find out the problem


    If you are a witness you could: call the police or any emergency access, go and make sure they/everyone’s ok before you call any one because they might not need anyone and lastly you could ty to help them before you call for help

  • *try to.... 👆

  • A witness may not be helpful because they can, at any time, refuse to answer a question in court. Once a witness has made a statement, that they are a witness,they may be asked to give evidence in court. The criminal justice system couldn't work without witnesses - they are the most important element in bringing offenders to justice. This shows that they are useful.
    Here's a link: https://www.nottinghamshire.police.uk/witnesses
    If someone were a witness of a crime or, you may receive a subpoena (a summons) telling you when you have to come to court. However, they don't have to answer any questions at that point in time. But if you receive a subpoena from a lawyer they MUST go to court. Because of this witnesses may be useful.