Would having more police on the streets reduce the amounts of knife crime?


If we had more police regularly roaming the streets reduce knife and overall violent crimes?

Well, it's a bit of a debate. The clear answer would be yes, but we're going to look deeper into the subject. Let's look at the obvious. If more police were on the streets, less crime would happen because crimals and gangs would be aware of the increace of officers and stop or they would get caught commiting the crime. Also, if someone had a pannick attack on the streets or somthing ,and there were police on the streets, somebody could tell the officer and he or she could get help.

But, if a criminal was on the patrolled area alot, they could work out where a police officer would be at a certain time so they could work around he or she and still commit the crime. They could also get on the good side of the police of the area so they would never assume it was the them doing the deed.

So,if we had more police on the streets, would it reduce crime?

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