Writing your Final piece? TOP TIPS!

We want to hear your slam poems!

At the end of this Issue, we'd like you write your Final piece poem about how you feel about the recent rise of violent crime, what you think would help to reduce it and why.

Top tips for a great poem!

  1. Give your opinion. How do you feel about this and what should be done?
  2. What are your reasons? Why and how would your suggestion help reduce violent crime?
  3. It doesn't have to rhyme. Think about the rhythm of the words and the powerful language you can use.
  4. It won't be perfect the first time! Read your poem aloud and make changes and improvements.
  5. If possible, film your poem and upload it to the Hub. Otherwise, type it up in a post.

Watch Asma's example. She's the inspirational Deputy Youth MP for Camden, London.
You can read more about what they do here.

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