Theresa May Can't deal with this issue,

The streets are split in half like a tissue,

People won't get along,

For whatever reason, it's still wrong

To hurt one another,

But is it wrong to hurt your brother

or sister or mother, farthers, siblings fighting under the cover,

of some west side name,

trying to hide the blame.

Speaking of blame it's nothing to do with education,

Though it may be easy enough to blame the nation,

It may be ineffective,

But think of the retrospective,

That we are the problem deciding to mess with,

Medieval weapons of destruction,

You don't need to assert dominance, we need construction,

Building a better community,

We need you to see,

The bigger picture,

These petty arguments over whose genatles are bigger,

So think about it, yyour better than this,

Turn the other cheek, I'm not asking you to kiss,

You don't want your family members to miss,


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