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Step 1 The weather is hot.The most extreme weather condition heatwave. Step 3 flood A and B is... Session 1: Introduction 24/4/20
Step 1 It is better for the victim to tell their experience because they will give the right... Session 2: Exploring extreme weather 30/4/20
Hi, I am invigorated chicken. I am a Nigerian.I love my country because we are one people,one... Welcome to Issue 5: the Global Conversation 30/4/20
I am speaking up Personality quiz! Which skill are you? 30/4/20
It affects us in many ways •Agriculture • Health • Human lives Droughts: How Does It Affect People, Animals And Their Homes? 30/4/20 depends on the weather in different countries e.g here in Nigeria we don't experience... Is everyone equally affected by extreme weather? 30/4/20
The only difference between a hurricane and a typhoon is the location where the storm occurs.In... My feelings in typhoon and COVID19 30/4/20
Why is it that the extreme weather conditions always affect people living in USA badly and... Ask an expert about extreme weather! 02/5/20
The most important thing I learnt in this hub is thinking wide,researching and exploring the weather #34 - Global Connections 02/5/20
Step 1 Actions to do now: 1.send the army 2.send firefighters 3.Provide emergency healthcare... Session 3: Responding to extreme weather 09/5/20
I agree with you because learning or interacting with each other will help in widen knowledge... A new Hub Challenge! 09/5/20
The skill which is important for a journalist is scepticism truth. My reason is stated... #35 - Skills for success 09/5/20
I agree with you because all my opinions are just the same with yours. I would like to build on... Thinking Questions from Session 3 09/5/20
I meant that they should be the one to pay a huge amount of money or resources than or countries... Thinking Questions from Session 3 11/5/20
Prevent is good to prevent a tooth decay because when it happens it will be very... Session 4: Making adaptations 11/5/20
I think it is not easy to learn at home because you won't see the teacher and topics that need... What's it like to learn from home? 11/5/20
I think the first three people I need to attend to is the 1.elderly person who has fallen down... Missed session three of the health care Issue? 11/5/20
Your welcome Thinking Questions from Session 3 12/5/20
Yes they should prevent problems rather than waiting for it to arrive because as they say... Should the NHS do more to prevent problems rather than waiting for them to arrive? 12/5/20
Firstly what is democracy we all know the primary definition of democracy but i want to give... Should all major decisions go to a public referendum? 12/5/20
Question Is it good for a health worker including doctors and nurses should stop going to work... The coronavirus: Where to get your updates 12/5/20
Thanks for the reply The coronavirus: Where to get your updates 12/5/20
It is interesting and also a good game ,well in a debate it is hard to find a winner if the both... Video: You said, but I think.... 12/5/20
Politicians are never honest,only few of them that are honest.they will give a lot of promises... Can politicians be too honest? 12/5/20
Leadership can be shown in different ways.. Democratic Leadership Commonly... Is leadership always shown in the same way? 12/5/20
I am sorry I meant autocratic and laizer-faire system of leadership not democracy Should all major decisions go to a public referendum? 12/5/20
Yes we can decrease extreme weather conditions by 1.factories should avoid staying near homes... The weather and Covid-19 12/5/20
Yes, A: Scientists agree that the earth’s rising temperatures are fueling longer and hotter... Gillian Burke answers your questions! 12/5/20
Extreme weather happens because of human activities like burning of fossil fuels which could... Gillian Burke answers your questions! 12/5/20
The most events that affect our food is drought,they will be scarcity of water which will make... How Does The Weather Affect Our Food? 12/5/20
Yes,It’s that time of year when winter storms typically hit California, bringing plenty of snow... Are there any positive impacts of extreme weather? 12/5/20
Too be honest this is not the end,if we try to follow all the measures given by the government... Is this the end? 12/5/20
Question please What if the other countries refused to come together and find a solution Responding to extreme weather 12/5/20
Human activities contribute to climate change by causing changes in Earth’s atmosphere in the... What are humans doing to our planet? 12/5/20
Intrepid_hurricane,this article is very interesting,does wildfire come up on its own without... Wildfires: Why Some Places And Not Others? 12/5/20
The differences are in scale. Even though winds from the strongest tornadoes far exceed that... What's more dangerous? Hurricanes or Tornadoes? 12/5/20
determined_tree,you asked a question:We humans are destroying the ozone layer in earth's... Australian Bush Fire Season 12/5/20
Here are some preventions to global warming Good news - there are ways to reduce global... Mankind is in danger because of global warming 12/5/20
So sorry about that are some information about lightening:We've all... Lightning 12/5/20
I think energy and water efficiency is the best becauseBy using less water, we don't need to... Mankind is in danger because of global warming 12/5/20
The climate change emoji depict dying animals, methane-emitting cows, food waste, plastic-filled... Emojis: the last defence? 12/5/20
How we can reduce natural disasters are Awareness, education, preparedness, and prediction and... How to deal with natural disasters 12/5/20
Here are some facts about tsunami: A tsunami is not a single wave but a series of waves, also... The devastating natural " tsunami". 12/5/20
How to keep our family safe is by: Power your home with renewable energy. Choose a utility... How to keep your family safe from climate change. 12/5/20
Generating electricity and heat by burning fossil fuels like coal, natural gas and oil produces... Why wait, but participate. 12/5/20
Yes they are very dangerous. Here are the effects: Long-term health effects from air pollution... ARE THE EFFECTS OF AIR POLLUTION VERY DANGEROUS? 12/5/20
Wow,this bushfires is dangerous and I did some research on how to control in Australlia it... ---> How do you think the Australian Bushfires affected us ? Click here and find out ! 13/5/20
This question has always been in my mind,does Australia has a very high temperature since they... EXTREME WEATHER CONDITIONS 13/5/20
Yes,I agree with you The government can help by evacuating people from the place that can be... Australia extreme weather scene dry tree and collapse house 13/5/20
Wildfires has positive and negative effects Positive Fire is often associated with negative... Wildfires 13/5/20
The biotic and abiotic actions have resulted in soil erosion, plant biomass loss, soil organic... LAND DEGRADATION CONTRIBUTES TO EXTREME WEATHER 13/5/20
We need to now the cause of this wildfires, then we will know the solutions Causes Nearly 85... Effects of extreme weather 13/5/20
Some of our organisations are so self-centered that they don't see the problems of their people What is the role of international organisations and the government in the fight against climate... 13/5/20
Your welcome and thanks for supporting Lightning 13/5/20
I agree with loyal_lobster that littering can be linked with extreme weather events with these... LITTERING!!! 13/5/20
Climate change and related disasters cause anxiety-related responses as well as chronic and... How Does The Weather Impact Peoples Mental Health? 13/5/20
For me the answer is that if we don't stop extreme weather events it will become worse and the... Reasons to try and stop climate change 13/5/20
The important link between climate and air quality is that primary products of combustion... Renewable Resources Revolution 13/5/20
Some children and adolescents are motivated to join a gang for a sense of connection or to... What causes youths to join gangs? How can we solve this? 13/5/20
Wow,it is inspiring.well done cultured_atom My life as a gang member 13/5/20
yes It is good to inform them about violent crime because a time might come when their peers... Should children be informed of violent crime? 13/5/20
Yes,it affect life. Global warming has brought about possibly irreversible alterations to... Global warming 13/5/20
Yez, they can give laws on air pollution,and also give public enlightenment on the measures of... Global warming 13/5/20
Nice post please can you give some ways we and the government can take care of our environment THE ENVIRONMENT NEEDS TO BE CARED FOR! 13/5/20
Water is an inorganic, transparent, tasteless, odorless, and nearly colorless chemical... WHAT IS WATER? : Life Or Destruction 13/5/20
No it is not is a natural disaster it can only be reduced DRY EARTH 13/5/20
They can be moved to a better place before the wildfire takes place and be taken care of How should vulnerable people protected during wildfires? 14/5/20
They should make a law against littering because that is the most important thing.if they is a... Response and preventative measures against extreme weather 14/5/20
Yes I agree with you but except that The short answer is that there is none. They are all... The similarities and differences between cyclones, typhoons, and hurricanes. 14/5/20
Yes I am in support of that "The reason why cold weather is presumed to cause spreading of... Extreme cold weather - a facilitator of the COVID-19 pandemic 14/5/20
I agree with you intellectual_vegetable. How we can stay is just by praying I will always add... Weather fluctuations 14/5/20
Reduce Tillage. Contour Farming. Cover Crops. Windbreaks. Drought is an expanding phenomenon that is an early age in Earth 14/5/20
The government can move them to any care center or hospital and the government will be the one... How should vulnerable people protected during wildfires? 14/5/20
Your welcome The devastating natural " tsunami". 14/5/20
The less developed country can borrow money from other countries and also ask for international aid Extreme Weather Events in Less Developed Countries 14/5/20
The less developed country can borrow money from other countries and also ask for international aid Extreme Weather Events in Less Developed Countries 14/5/20
Yes I did some research and I think that human activities makes hurricanes worse which I added in my post STORMS 15/5/20
Unite for bold climate action. ... Use energy wisely — and save money too! ... Get charged up... 3 natural disasters that beg for climate action 16/5/20
Yes they may face challenges in repaying the money but if they put in more effort they can pay... Extreme Weather Events in Less Developed Countries 16/5/20
Road transport accounts for a significant portion of air pollution in cities and towns, causing... Less traffic means better air quality 16/5/20
Wow interesting post you got there.this acid rain do humans have a hand in causing it? How does acid rain affect the environment? and what are its solutions ? 16/5/20
Wow,this is an educative post.I never knew the center of a hurricane is called eye,thanks for sharing Blowing up a storm 16/5/20
Here in Nigeria we do not experience some extreme weather events.the only one that I can say... Extreme weather and its impact on health in developing countries. 16/5/20
The reason it's so hard to predict the weather very far in advance is because weather is... Why is it impossible to predict the long-term weather? 16/5/20
I really fell bad for people living outside Nigeria,I always wonder why the extreme weather... What do we mean by extreme weather ?? 16/5/20
LOCKDOWN IN NIGERIA Nigeria has announced plans to ease movement restrictions imposed late last... #36 - Head to headlines 16/5/20
When extreme weather causes injuries, death, or displacement, children may have difficultly... How does extreme weather affect children? 18/5/20
They should try to make sure that roads people are working on should not be used to avoid... Less traffic means better air quality 18/5/20
Weather warnings are important forecasts because they are used to protect life and property. ...... Why is it impossible to predict the long-term weather? 18/5/20
Deforestation plays several roles in the flooding equation because trees prevent sediment runoff... Deforestation as a cause of flooding and desertification 18/5/20
Human activities that contribute to desertification include the expansion and intensive use of... Desertification 18/5/20
I agree with you.our leaders depends on our votes enhancing essential skills of reasoning and expressing opinions 18/5/20
Interesting poem What Could Be The Outcomes If We Intervened 18/5/20
The desks and chairs can be separated from others and also all students and teachers should... Session 5: Preparing a speech 01/6/20
Firstly, Art is the use of imagination to express ideas or feelings,particularly in painting,... #38 - Hundred Word Challenge 01/6/20