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I agree that children are to young to experience this awful catastrophe.So I think that people... What is Myanmar going through? 10/10/18
I have commented this before,but,to me in my opinion people around the world should do something... Myanmar, the country that is suffering 10/10/18
I have 1 opinion for now on what to do about this: 1)Around the world,do something for charity... how is this fair to some people in myanmar because they are in a wooden like prison 10/10/18
I agree that the Goverment and the bankers' bosses.The reason why is because the goverment... The Financial Crisis - Who is to blame? 08/11/18
Wow! That’s big news to me because I thought that the Financial Crisis was so bad until now that... Was the financial crisis the worst thing that has happened financially? 16/12/18
I assume that crimes are increasing because some people have fewer opportunities than... Why do YOU think violent crime is increasing? 08/2/19
I understand your point but I think that the media might want an end to violent crime because... Does the media want an end to crime ? 08/2/19
True points but don’t the people that are on the media want to see happy and positive... Why crime must be put on the media 08/2/19
Sometimes if you carry a weapon in public, security from a store (or anywhere) could spot the... knife crimes 08/2/19
I agree. The criminal isn’t the victims’ friend I just wonder why crimes are in trend Knife crime poem 17/2/19
I thought poems are quite hard to come up with and I think you have just nailed it and proved me wrong Knife crime poem 17/2/19
One of the challenges of democracy is when one side is 50% and the other is 50% who or what will... What are the benefits and challenges of democracy? 05/3/19
I would over all say yes because we all have a right to be heard in their opinions,choices etc. If you don’t take part in a vote, should you still get a say on the issue? 12/3/19
I believe that it is more essential to make discoveries on Earth because it is important to know... It more important to make discoveries on Earth or in space? 29/10/19
Even though artificial limbs are expensive, they still help other people who have amputated body... Space Exploration - Should we waste money on the planet or on Space? 21/1/20