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Democracy is defined as a system of government, where the supreme power is in the hands of the... #9 Think of a link 29/10/21
A book called (The Road to Slavery) is a book written by the Austrian philosopher and economist... #9 Think of a link 29/10/21
The movie (Geostorm) in this movie talks about the power of the climate. Its story is in 2019, a... #9 Think of a link 29/10/21
Climate is the average measurement of the temperature, wind, humidity, snow, and rain of a place... Read first! Get started on the Student Hub 29/10/21
This is exciting and we are going to talk about this climate . Thank you .. Read first! Get started on the Student Hub 29/10/21
For the first activity Destroying a habitat for fuel to produce electricity or protecting the... Would you rather...? 29/10/21
( About COP26) 1-The climate crisis, along with the loss of biodiversity, is the biggest... Please read before submitting your COP26 Final Piece 03/11/21
In this activity, I chose the dog and I thought a lot about this choice, for the dog whose role... Questions for each character 04/11/21
To the question: Do you prefer (to be a house for fuel to produce electricity, or to protect the... Would you rather...? 04/11/21
For me, I chose the first option I think it's a speaker from the rest of the comments: (not true... Rewilding where you live 05/11/21
In my opinion, I think photo A is the most appropriate photo with the news relative to the rest... #10 Pick a picture 05/11/21
I agree with you #10 Pick a picture 05/11/21
Dear Mayor, I am a meat eater who has a great responsibility in my group and of course I will do... Prepare your pitch! 05/11/21
As for the community in which I live, there are some lands where planting trees is not correct,... What's your idea? 05/11/21
For me and my community: Many factories suffer from global warming caused by food, so I have... Would, wouldn't, why? 06/11/21
I think from my point of view that carbon dioxide is the most greenhouse gas, but it is not the... What's your idea? 08/11/21
From my point of view, I think that it is unfair because Sudan is considered one of the poorest... Poll: Is it fair to pause aid? 13/11/21
From my point of view, I think that this is unfair because Sudan is considered one of the... Poll: Is it fair to pause aid? 13/11/21
If you are the leader of my country, I will promise you that I will meet all the needs of the... #12 Important promises 20/11/21
From my point of view, of course, it is important for me to talk about the news because it is... #13 You and the news 27/11/21
In the vote, I said that technology with AI is positive for the future because I believe as per... The Friday Vote! 10/12/21
My address, which I think is inclusive of what happened in 2021, is (The Corona virus, which... #15 Headline of 2021 14/12/21
First, I think from my point of view that artificial intelligence is not able to make decisions... What would happen if... 14/12/21
The example that fascinated me in the story is the mirror!! Of course, without a doubt,... Put yourself in the story! 14/12/21
Question 1: Which of these stories affects the greatest number of people: I think... Which of these stories... 16/12/21
Is all the news important?? I chose yes, but I'm not sure because I think there are some news... The Friday vote 04/1/22
Sometimes it is important and other times it is not. Because if you provide false information,... The Friday vote 04/1/22
what is the news ??? Yes, news is a set of facts that are sometimes true and sometimes false,... Read first! Get started on the Student Hub 05/1/22
Now you answered yes: I have questions and evidence that may show how important the topic... Should covid-19 rules go to a public vote? 15/1/22
All skills are required and important when making decisions about COVID-19. First: listen. If... Which skill is most important for decision-making? 15/1/22