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First, we need to build a truly global coalition for carbon neutrality by 2050 Second, we... Top priorities where you live 09/9/21
The first question: I showed a clip from the animated series to explain global warming, why did... Ask a COP26 expert - questions closed! 09/9/21
My question to Shama Sanduya: Does global warming and climate change affect fish production in the seas Ask a COP26 expert - questions closed! 09/9/21
My question is about Druti Chakravarthy, how she became the president of the prestigious... Ask a COP26 expert - questions closed! 09/9/21
My question to Hernan Bayagwaj: why do you think your people might live in a rapidly changing landscape Ask a COP26 expert - questions closed! 09/9/21
The most difficult decision I have taken is transporting the wounded. When you think rationally,... Perspectives game: Difficult decisions 09/9/21
First, we need to be carbon neutral within the next three decades. Second, we must align... Top priorities where you live 10/9/21
The most important perspective in making decisions about the goals of reducing emissions are... Whose perspective matters most? 10/9/21 Shaping our future together 15/9/21
I would like to advise you to present the news in the form of an entertainment program, i.e.... #2 Children's news channel 16/9/21
Despite all the difficult climatic conditions, it does not affect the reporter's work and his... #3 Caption this 19/9/21
In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is no "zero risk" when it comes to any type of... What's the alternative? 19/9/21
YES Shaping our future together 21/9/21
The United States, because it gives the Olympic Games its right at every age, because if the... Which of the countries' approaches is best? 21/9/21
I think that the passport is only with the vaccine, because receiving the vaccine is an... Should you need a vaccine passport? 22/9/21
The dog is the most sensitive and unforgettable animal. His friend, no matter what, and there is... Which animal feels the most? 23/9/21
Yes, because if the animal law is prohibited, the human law is also prohibited, because the... Should the bill ban eating animals? ...and other questions 23/9/21
I think honesty: The journalist has great responsibilities in maintaining the privacy of... #4 Because... 24/9/21
First, each of us believes in at least one theory, or perhaps a few: “The reason is simple,... Debunking the Moon myths 25/9/21
The problem is climate change ** The first question: What is the main cause of climate... How could technology help solve other problems? 01/10/21
👍👍👍👍 It is not money that solves problems, but cooperation that solves the climate crisis 11/10/21
First, my dream is to become a caregiver for roses and flowers because they are good for the... #6 Dream jobs 11/10/21
I want to be a renewable energy engineering which is environmentally friendly, but the skills I... Five quickfire questions on the future of your work! 13/10/21
I listened to Shaama Sandooyea One of the most important things she said is how can we expand... #7 Share the expertise 17/10/21
Man is distinguished by a special place among other creatures, and because he is a distinguished... COP26 Summit: Women got to be listened! 20/10/21
In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful Remember that as long as you... What would the world be like if we could see other's perspectives in THEIR view? 20/10/21
I agree with the statement that says it is not fair for journalists to publish information that... Squirrel statements: who do you agree with? 20/10/21
Yes there is. Is the current climate change unusual compared to previous changes? The catastrophe is approaching.. Can we stop climate change? 20/10/21
T. The press for the peoples is life *** and the people without the tongue is favorable *** It... #8 The News 24/10/21
Freedom of the press is linked with independence because freedom of the press is the principle... Keyword connections 24/10/21
The news T. The pen is the mail of the heart that tells the news and looks without... #8 The News 25/10/21
You have chosen Reports R. Reports make us rely on making decisions based on the accurate... #8 The News 26/10/21
I chose Susan Malvo. Beginning we will know who her full name is Susan Maria Malvo, she was born... Learn more about brave journalists 28/10/21
The book I know is called Superpower: One Man Transforming American Energy by Russell Gould It... #9 Think of a link 28/10/21
The Day After Tomorrow movie Of all the blockbuster films about environmental disasters... It's time to see the action 29/10/21
The Avatar After the huge box office success of James Cameron's computer-generated animated film... It's time to see the action 29/10/21
Take Shelter movie Michael Shannon delivers a torturous and complex performance in Jeff... It's time to see the action 29/10/21
The movie I know is Avatar, directed by James Cameron 2- The events of the film take place... #9 Think of a link 29/10/21
I can relate my final article to the strength of the perspectives that a decision must be made... climate crisis 29/10/21
Cree Sands There is a question while I'm reading Night Letters "An engaging read with new... Ask an Afghanistan expert 30/10/21
I don't think so that the war begins First, because this affects the state in general, and in... Is it ever OK to start a war? 30/10/21
Wow, I liked your final piece a lot. I find that the piece should be listened to from the points... The Climate Crisis and the Power of Perspectives 31/10/21
Thank you for your kind words Is it ever OK to start a war? 01/11/21
In this activity you fish the question to me is can leaders in COP26 support rebuilding? MY... Questions for each character 01/11/21
The question asked Help your country pay for better healthcare B Help your country pay for... Would you rather...? 01/11/21
Dear Mayor, you voted to protect habitats, the main reasons for that 1. Habitat conservation... Prepare your pitch! 01/11/21
A problem with theories based on the will of the people in general, is that in history only a... The effect of war on people 02/11/21
On the eve of the 26th United Nations Climate Conference in the Scottish city of Glasgow, the... Afghanistan: Stalled peace process under threat 02/11/21
The Taliban used an atmosphere to control Afghanistan, so he said the climate of Afghanistan is... Afghanistan: Stalled peace process under threat 02/11/21
In Herat, a strategic town in the west, the Taliban repeatedly attacked a dam essential to the... Afghanistan: Stalled peace process under threat 03/11/21
Yes, I agree that war should begin. The real victory is that fighting is never allowed to take... Is it ever OK to start a war? 04/11/21
From the book The Art of War, it is a wonderful book that I read last month and I liked the... Is it ever OK to start a war? 05/11/21
1- I think picture D is the best representation of the news because person cannot give up... #10 Pick a picture 05/11/21
Think Picture C because the plane travels everywhere. Also, news travels through time #10 Pick a picture 05/11/21
by 1-: Increasing cultural awareness among people to inform citizens of the extent of the... In violence and war 05/11/21
“The number I find interesting is more job opportunities for women because teacher and human... Afghanistan in numbers 05/11/21
Wow, I liked this post a lot. I did not have enough such information. According to my point of... Is it always the right decision to start a war? 05/11/21
The idea of ​​reducing greenhouse gases resulting from food, I say, must change the prevailing... What's your idea? 05/11/21
1- I was surprised by the bread because Over the course of an entire year, your consumption... What's your diet's carbon footprint? 05/11/21
1- I was surprised by the bread because Over the course of an entire year, your consumption of... What's your diet's carbon footprint? 06/11/21
. I think we as individuals have to take our own responsibility but certainly no one is in any... What's your idea? 06/11/21
I chose the number 5 and strongly agree to ban some foods and the top of the food ban list is... Should some foods be banned? 06/11/21
I think it faces difficult challenges, including the obstacles that American diplomats face in... Is it ever OK to start a war? 08/11/21
When talking about the carbon emissions that result from the food we consume, some unhealthy... Should some foods be banned? 08/11/21
It's my own words Should some foods be banned? 08/11/21
I think that it is important for people to learn about the culture, beauty and history of... The unseen Afghanistan 11/11/21
The War of Art by Stephen Pressfield is one of the most important books you should ever read. ... Books are a solution to all problems 12/11/21
I would like to know more about C the fact that a million species are facing extinction. This... #11 Tell me more! 13/11/21
Yes, I was amazed that Sudan is one of the poorest countries in the world because I know that... Take our Coup in Sudan quiz 13/11/21
I think that it is not fair to stop the aid because Sudan was the one who supplied the countries... Poll: Is it fair to pause aid? 13/11/21
Awareness of other cultures makes you more positive, for example, that you traveled to a town... The unseen Afghanistan 16/11/21
I have a question, what does the future relationship between the United States and the Taliban... The unseen Afghanistan 16/11/21
I believe from my point of view and from my thinking that it is not possible to restore comfort... How do we restore comfort after wars?! 17/11/21
After reading this news article and watching the videos, one of the important things I learned... Learn about life for Afghan children in the UK 18/11/21
Avoid much of any problem that may happen with you to know what the origins of this country are... The unseen Afghanistan 18/11/21
I think because my culture is my honorable title to draw a road map that illuminates my future... The unseen Afghanistan 18/11/21
If I am a leader for my country, the first promise must be that education will be for all... #12 Important promises 18/11/21
I would like to ask Chris Sanders, is the right of women at risk under this system that has happened Ask an Afghanistan expert 18/11/21
My question is that the woman's voice is not heard, so how do the people around you interact... Even wars have limits. 23/11/21
It is important for me to talk about the news because 1- When I know the news, I know what is... #13 You and the news 25/11/21
There is a question for Marie Lawlor is that when a person is brought up on human rights and... Meet Mary Lawlor, an expert on human rights 26/11/21
There is a question I want to ask you about the culture of Afghanistan that the Taliban objected... Meet Naveed Noormal and learn about Afghan culture! 26/11/21
Should Belarus face the consequences of this crisis? A wonderful question, I do not think that... Should Belarus face consequences for this crisis? 29/11/21
I would like to conduct an interview with the commander of the Afghan army, General Qari... #14 Interview who? 02/12/21
I want to interview UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to learn more about preventing an... #14 Interview who? 05/12/21
Should US gun laws stay the same? Great question, but I did not like it. Did you know that... Should American gun laws stay the same? 05/12/21
Civil wars are the internal war in a country. The queens of wars can be resolved according to... Why why?? 07/12/21
Civil wars are the internal war in a country. The problems of wars can be solved according to... Why why?? 07/12/21
There is a question that plays on me. I am tired of thinking about this question, which is that... Meet Naveed Noormal and learn about Afghan culture! 07/12/21
I want air" .. a story for Corona patients #15 Headline of 2021 09/12/21
If richer countries develop artificial intelligence technology, but poor countries do not, I... What would happen if... 09/12/21
What is the story of the virus that is increasingly spreading among children around the world #15 Headline of 2021 10/12/21
What is the truth about the story of the “scary” artificial intelligence that will happen in the future #15 Headline of 2021 10/12/21
Is technology with artificial intelligence a good thing for the future? Yes, it is a good thing,... The Friday Vote! 10/12/21
I will make drawings and at the same time the concept will be explained by the eye that you see.... What would your sign say? 18/1/22
Should COVID-19 rules be subject to a public vote? I do not think so, because public voting may... Should covid-19 rules go to a public vote? 18/1/22
Skill is creativity and innovation. Without creativity, problems cannot be solved. I read all of... Which skill is most important for decision-making? 18/1/22
Hi Mark Stevenson The question is can large corporations turn into . Small companies and small... What's a futurist? Mark Stevenson answers your questions! 18/1/22
The idea I chose made reading more focused on students because it gives the student the ability... Choose one idea to explore 20/1/22
Fast fashion, because fashion constantly pollutes the environment, and behind the fashion... Big corp power: the crushing fist. 20/1/22
"I found the word curiosity, and this is related to news, because curiosity protects against... #18 Search and say! 21/1/22
I think that if the big companies disappear, they will be safer better because the big companies... Do you think so ?? 28/1/22
I think that the Amazon company will not shrink because there is progress in this company. When... Is it possible to become eternal? 28/1/22
😍😡 Fossil fuels Because everything natural or synthetic has harms and benefits, I say that... Reality, reveal, react! 31/1/22
The expert’s words are true, because there is nothing cheaper than nature, because it does not... Reality, reveal, react! 01/2/22
In my opinion, a group of people are (school students), for example, now in our time, there is a... Who will the metaverse help? 02/2/22
I think the S icon would be the best icon for a news app. It represents the news, because the... #20 The winning icon 04/2/22
I think that avatars can be good because when you make an avatar, either you are optimistic or... Are avatars a good idea? 04/2/22
First, solving the problem of addiction. Now, in our time, the time is fast. Do you ask why we... Who will the metaverse help? 06/2/22
If I were a news reporter, I would report on the big companies that are threatening. Small... #21 You choose the news! 10/2/22
I think that the appropriate and largest title for the world's failure to stop the climate is... Why is the world not doing enough? 10/2/22
I chose the story Monsters Anger The new main title is the speed of global warming, it is the... Think up a headline! 10/2/22
The beast is a word expressing the forests' revenge on us, they pray and say save me from the... Think up a headline! 10/2/22
I think this is because there is no hope for intercourse because countries in general want each... Why is the world not doing enough? 12/2/22
My answer was small countries. I said this because I believe that both small countries and poor... Who has the most power to tackle climate change? 12/2/22
""Focus on environments.🏜️🏞️🌅🌫️ ""There are three types of environment in the picture, they are... Caption this image... 15/2/22
If the earth is green, can it be “barren”? A wonderful question, Katie, that it is surprising... Caption this image... 15/2/22
I say that we must unite with each other, for union is strength, and it is the basis of victory... Is it better to stick together? 17/2/22
First, how does climate change happen from car pollution. If we ban cars and use them as a tool... Who has the most power to tackle climate change? 17/2/22
Mmmmm, when a person is confused whether to accept this help or not, when I was in class, the... Is it better to stick together? 17/2/22
A point you did not mention is the most important statement that must be said. Are there... Is it better to stick together? 17/2/22