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Science and predictions ,(because news gives us the opportunity to prepare for developments) . ... #1 Topical Talk triangle 03/9/21
Democracy and human rights are two related terms ,as both give the individual the freedom to... Connect the keywords 04/9/21
I Hakinde Hichilema want to give advice to all other opposition politicians of the world My... What advice would you give other opposition leaders? 04/9/21
Interpreting information by identifing and dissecting the proposed problems and identifying... #1 Topical Talk triangle 08/9/21
I would like to give advice to all the opponents that lives are precious and they are what all... What advice would you give other opposition leaders? 08/9/21
My question to Droti Chakravathy is Are there intenational and financial instituatio s that... Ask a COP26 expert - questions closed! 08/9/21
My question to you How can poor countries that are looking for food be helped to solve the... Ask a COP26 expert - questions closed! 08/9/21
I would like to ask Shama Sandnya .How climate change has affected the inctrease in natural... Ask a COP26 expert - questions closed! 08/9/21
It should use a method that mimics the style of children .It is possible to use the method of... #2 Children's news channel 13/9/21
All the children like cartoon films, desiny game ,so you can talk with them by use this type of... #2 Children's news channel 13/9/21
I want to ask you ,I read in many articales that methane gas released by cows has a significant... Ask a COP26 expert - questions closed! 15/9/21
Our vision of things from several axes makes it more clear. #3 Caption this 17/9/21
Journalists seeks to convey the true picture to us from several axes. #3 Caption this 18/9/21
Studies indicate that the olive harvest rate for 2021 in Gaza will decrease to 65% as a result... Ask a COP26 expert - questions closed! 20/9/21
Many infectious diseases have spread over time and eras, and there are many of them that have... What's the alternative? 20/9/21
There are many people who suffer from immunodeficiency as a result of age, pregnant women,... Should you need a vaccine passport? 20/9/21
Give yourself an opportunity to speak your language and express what is going on around you.... Why you must write in your own words 20/9/21
‏‎I believe that honesty is the most important characteristic of a journalist, because... #4 Because... 24/9/21
Many people spread rumors, which leads to the concealment and falsification of facts. Many... Debunking the Moon myths 25/9/21
Each country has its own law, customs and traditions, which makes the idea of ​​choosing the... Which of the countries' approaches is best? 26/9/21
Action 1 The dissemination of information on social media platforms may be the fastest spread,... What are the different ways to debunk conspiracy theories? 26/9/21
Strict laws must be put in place to prevent the dissemination of information from unreliable... Should people who purposefully spread false conspiracy theories face consequences? 26/9/21
For children, it is possible to publish awareness cartoon videos in an easy way. Children learn... How else could you debunk conspiracy theories? 27/9/21
My first meeting will be with a group of children to see their perception of the game and how... You're the journalist! 27/9/21
God created the universe in balance, so I can't say that my right hand is better than my left... Are animals' feelings more important than human wants? 27/9/21
I have read a lot about these topics and learned that black water cannot be reused ,but rather... #5 Innovation for your nation! 02/10/21
My country suffers from the problem of pollution greatly as a result of the limited spaces... #5 Innovation for your nation! 02/10/21
The problem is that people are exposed to various viruses that cause diseases such as the Corona... How could technology help solve other problems? 02/10/21
There is no doubt ,and no one can deny the difference that the carbon capture plant has... Will the carbon-capture plant make a difference? 02/10/21
Will i choose a person from a c country that suffers from a lake of water ? I welcome him... Today I'm interviewing... 03/10/21
This solution for us and for nature ,it will be work like sensor for our body and for the nature #5 Innovation for your nation! 05/10/21
My country suffers from a shortage of food resources as a result of the overcrowding of the Gaza... #5 Innovation for your nation! 05/10/21
My dream is to become an environmental educator where I can spread awareness and direct others... #6 Dream jobs 11/10/21
I think cartoons are the perfect way to present a piece of news As it can have more than one... A journalist's toolkit 19/10/21
The most important thing in the story is the case of money laundering and concealment In my... The Pandora papers: explore more! 19/10/21
There is no doubt that the journalist must have all the skills, but from my point of view,... Speedy skills review! 19/10/21
I want to ask a question to Shamma You talked about the difficulty of educating adults and the... #7 Share the expertise 19/10/21
agree with The journalist holds these people accountable and they have to face the... Squirrel statements: who do you agree with? 19/10/21
What was the harm done to the participants until they went out with demonstrations against... Question the photograph! 19/10/21
How will dealing with Bitcoin affect the future of economic life, and how can such a legal... Question the photograph! 19/10/21
I think that one of the most important things a journalist needs to explain is an... A journalist's toolkit 19/10/21
The most striking thing in the story is that the owners of money are people chosen by the people... The Pandora papers: explore more! 19/10/21
The most important skill that a journalist needs in the subject of Pandora is the skill of... Speedy skills review! 19/10/21
People may see and present their ideas within what is commensurate with their personal... Squirrel statements: who do you agree with? 19/10/21
I have listened to dgruti The most important thing he said is that our children suffer from... #7 Share the expertise 19/10/21
The skill you chose is listening And I will tell the supermarket manager that We all have two... Choose a team and promote your skill! 21/10/21
My dream job is to be an environmental and health guide Certainly it is a supportive and... Five quickfire questions on the future of your work! 21/10/21
To generalize is a good idea, but the best is to identify the positive points for each... Does every job have the potential to be green? 21/10/21
The problem that I will talk about is the weak participation of young people in... How could technology help solve other problems? 21/10/21
REPORTS R Read and study well ,reading is food for the soul. E Emphasis on the fact and... #8 The News 21/10/21
THE NEWS T Think and look for some thing new. H Hold the end of the string and follow the idea... #8 The News 21/10/21
JOURNALIST J join with others O ordinary your steps U Unite with your colleagues and make... #8 The News 21/10/21
Freedom of the press is linked to the concept of strength and courage in revealing facts and... Keyword connections 22/10/21
I will choose the Russian journalist Dmitry Muratov, who won the award because he fought bravely... Answer as the award winners! 24/10/21
The journalist I chose to write about is Paula Ogaz I think she has great courage to stand up... Learn more about brave journalists 24/10/21
Of course, it is an honor for all journalists in his country and outside his country. His... Answer as the award winners! 25/10/21
The Nobel Prize is associated with strength and determination to achieve goals regardless of the... Keyword connections 25/10/21
The most thing that caught my attention is that despite scientific and intellectual progress,... Press freedom around the world 25/10/21
Studying this map is very painful, as it appears that a restriction of press freedom is... Press freedom around the world 26/10/21
The concept of freedom of the press is connected with the concept of power The link may be... Keyword connections 27/10/21
Obtaining the Nobel Peace Prize is related to peace in an inverse relationship, as obtaining... Keyword connections 27/10/21
1-The name of the movie I know is The Great Hark The Danger of Digital Algorithms to... #9 Think of a link 29/10/21
In this activity ,I was a fish *the question for me is what could young people like you do to... Questions for each character 02/11/21
For question I asked I said that protect a habitat and live with out electricity my main... Would you rather...? 02/11/21
Based on returnee monitoring findings, programs are being developed in close collaboration with... The Unheard Voices of Refugees 02/11/21
Women constitute a great influence in wars. What is the role of women in the war in Afghanistan,... Ask an Afghanistan expert 02/11/21
I think that starting a war may be the beginning of the end of it I mean that peoples sometimes... Is it ever OK to start a war? 02/11/21
I chose the flashlight image (A)best represents the news because It is the one that can shed... #10 Pick a picture 05/11/21
Most of the figures have caught my attention that eating apples for a whole year results in... What's your diet's carbon footprint? 06/11/21
Many are trying to spread a culture that people should be vegetarian, but this is not reasonable... What's your idea? 06/11/21
I chose number 3 because it is an average, as people are vegetarian. This is not reasonable and... Should some foods be banned? 06/11/21
Perhaps if you offered me these options it would be my second choice for lunch, it is the best... Would, wouldn't, why? 06/11/21
Of course, there are many international organizations that protect the rights and property of... Is it ever OK to start a war? 06/11/21
The biggest equation was between the Taliban and America Perhaps the longest war in American... Three posters, three questions 06/11/21
I suggest that in order to reduce the waste of food, institutions and charities take advantage... Would, wouldn't, why? 09/11/21
I think that the plane represents modern technology, and that news is transmitted to us at a... #10 Pick a picture 09/11/21
The eye sees everything that it sees, but focuses on the things that only mean and occupy its... #10 Pick a picture 09/11/21
I agree with you that the image of the plant is the one that represents the news, where a good... #10 Pick a picture 09/11/21
No one can end the war of blood except the people themselves He is the only one who can reject... Is there hope for The Graveyard of Empires? 09/11/21
What do you think will stop the bloodshed if the killing continues and what is best for the... The conflict in Afghanistan between the Taliban and US forces 09/11/21
I talked about the importance of building universities and institutions that aim to develop... The war is over but life hasn't started yet 09/11/21
The military decision always leads to the loss of lives, and this waste of blood is something... Should America have left? 09/11/21
I would like to know about(A) This is because the science of stars, astronomy and space is a... #11 Tell me more! 11/11/21
If I were the leader of my country, I would I direct my people to serve themselves and invest... You're a world leader... 14/11/21
I don't think power can be shared A ship cannot sail with more than one captain because it will... Why is it hard to share power? 14/11/21
It is not fair at all to cut off aid It is a poor country and suffers from many economic... Poll: Is it fair to pause aid? 14/11/21
I don't mean the second captain will sink the ship I mean that one captain gives a wise... Why is it hard to share power? 16/11/21
I would like to ask Mrs. Bakazda If someone asked you to present a topic that concerns women at... Ask an Afghanistan expert 16/11/21
My question for expert Naveed Normall I read that Afghanistan suffers from distortion in... Ask an Afghanistan expert 16/11/21
My question for the expert Marie Lawlor In your capacity as the official representative of... Ask an Afghanistan expert 16/11/21
My question to Chris Sands You are a distinguished journalist and you choose your topics... Ask an Afghanistan expert 16/11/21
If I were the leader of my country, I would divide the aid into three sections The first is to... You're a world leader... 16/11/21
If I were the leader of my country, I would promise my people to spread justice and give freedom... #12 Important promises 19/11/21
The news is important to me because it gives me the opportunity to know what is happening around... #13 You and the news 25/11/21
I would like to submit a question to Mr. Mounir Zaarour, Director of the Arab World and Middle... #14 Interview who? 02/12/21
The difference in opinion is constructive when the difference gives new ideas that everyone... The Thursday Thinking Question 02/12/21
Huge economic and human losses caused by Corona, and among the countries that declared... #15 Headline of 2021 14/12/21
I think that artificial intelligence will have a negative effect in the future because it will... The Friday Vote! 14/12/21
If the richer countries develop artificial intelligence technology, but poor countries do not do... What would happen if... 14/12/21
I think the 3 most important rules That the work mechanism is related to the feelings of the... The Monday Challenge! 14/12/21
I'm going to argue that I'm pro-sports Sports is a language that addresses souls to be peaceful... Should people boycott some sports events in 2022? 08/1/22
How will you start a discussion about the news in 2022? Will the year 2022 bear the omens of... #16 Wheel decide! 08/1/22
I have chosen the answer: Yes No one can deny that the spread of the epidemic was rapid, large,... The Friday vote! 08/1/22
When I get a million dollars, I will divide it into 3 sections The first section will provide... #17 Hey big spender! 13/1/22
The most important skill for a leader making decisions about covid-19 is..Listening This is... Which skill is most important for decision-making? 13/1/22
The most important graph for a country's leader to see is..Cases This is because.... I think... You're in charge! 13/1/22
I found the word worthy It is linked to serious news to convey to us the valuable events that... #18 Search and say! 23/1/22
I said Yes I said this because In light of the spread of Covid 19, the epidemiological... Should schools decide what they teach? 23/1/22
I think the focus is on teaching English in my area We should focus on it better, whether it... How would you rethink education? 23/1/22
Preparing teachers and qualifying them to deal with students with readiness and taking into... Choose one idea to explore 23/1/22
One of the most important things to focus on in education in our schools It focuses on the... The Monday Challenge! 24/1/22
I agree with reason No. C, because young people are the builders of the future and their... #19 Respond! 28/1/22
I said Both are equally responsible I said this because I chose the answer C because I... Who has most responsibility to reduce climate change? 28/1/22
I read a story once that a ruler asked everyone in their village to fill a cup of oil and put it... If governments don't keep their climate promises... 28/1/22
My reaction really wouldn't be a phrase or an emoji or anything like that Rather, it will be a... Reality, reveal, react! 28/1/22
Dealing with deaf ideas is difficult, but when applied in practice, it turns into a tangible... The Monday Challenge! 28/1/22
The woman on the right says that we remained idly until life passed, and if we remained like... Think of a thought bubble 31/1/22
In the picture also, there is someone who appears to hold the hand of the one next to him This... Think of a thought bubble 31/1/22
I will put in place a law that prevents cutting trees and punish those who cut them severely,... Reality, reveal, react! 31/1/22
I mean by water, in fact, it is actions that are hostile to the environment and that will harm... If governments don't keep their climate promises... 31/1/22
The woman who shows us her ear to the left of the picture invites us to hear the voice of the... Think of a thought bubble 31/1/22
No one can deny that technology has a great positive impact on our lives. It has managed to... Farewell to the real reality...! 31/1/22
Large companies provide their support for the education process in my country by contributing to... How big companies contribute to education! 31/1/22
The virtual world and artificial intelligence help police everywhere This is because it gives... Who will the metaverse help? 02/2/22
The metaverse gives athletes the opportunity to experience the match, dispel dread and fear,... Who will the metaverse help? 03/2/22
The metaverse helps doctors and surgeons around the world to experience and implement operations... Who will the metaverse help? 03/2/22
The metaverse helps chefs and chefs around the world discover new recipes to make new recipes... Who will the metaverse help? 03/2/22
Entering the virtual world of this company may be of great benefit if you find a successful... Should Megacorp build a factory in Minorton? 03/2/22
I will choose the symbol B I chose the image of the launching missile because news has the... #20 The winning icon 03/2/22
AVATAR is an entertaining idea that gives a beautiful cartoon image to any real picture No... Are avatars a good idea? 03/2/22
The use of the avatar is a good thing, as it was able to attract younger subscribers through... Are avatars a good idea? 03/2/22
My answer was 5 I said this because She chose to be fully responsible because she chose the... A poll about Pam's story 04/2/22
My idea for metaverse to be safer is to have an icon specifying the age of the user and the... The Monday Challenge! 07/2/22
Mrs. Malala Did the press have a big role in achieving justice and improving girls' education?... Special opportunity - ask a question to Malala! 07/2/22
I like the idea of ​​connecting contact with a responsible person, it makes the use of Metaverse... The Monday Challenge! 07/2/22
Here's your answer: I have picked the story about Hottest day ever recorded My new headline... Think up a headline! 09/2/22
My new headline would say No animals after today ,No forests after today This would be a good... Think up a headline! 09/2/22
I have picked the story about Islands disappear under the sea My new headline would... Think up a headline! 09/2/22
You have chosen heavy rain that causes flood I will choose a new title Be careful. The dam will... Think up a headline! 10/2/22
I have picked the story about Hottest day ever recorded My new headline would say  The sun is... Think up a headline! 10/2/22
If I were a news reporter, I would report about Drought in southern africa This news story... #21 You choose the news! 10/2/22
Certainly I meant that the catastrophic mystery is what is required and to attract the reader's... Think up a headline! 10/2/22
The ONE biggest reason why the world is NOT doing enough isPeople are too focussed on money I... Why is the world not doing enough? 10/2/22
The ONE biggest reason why the world is NOT doing enough is other I said this because The world... Why is the world not doing enough? 10/2/22
(Reclaim land, reap crops) I chose this caption Because the picture shows the importance of... Caption this image... 15/2/22
(water is life ) I chose this caption because the picture gives us alot of question and an... Caption this image... 15/2/22
(Lots of motivation) I chose this caption because the picture gives two dry pessimistic looks,... Caption this image... 15/2/22
The fictional character you've chosen is a cowboy. One of the old western movies, and I think... #22 Escape the pages! 17/2/22
Teamwork is a very wonderful thing. With cooperation between the countries of the whole world,... Is it better to stick together? 17/2/22
The only thing that countries should think about when thinking about war is that the only loser... What should Russia do next? 17/2/22