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From my point of view, we must unite and stand by each other, for union is strength and division... Is it better to stick together? 19/2/22
I am thinking about what made two friendly countries turn into enemies, occupying news... What should Russia do next? 19/2/22
I chose the character Iron Man from the Marvel Comics movie Iron man. I chose him because he can... #22 Escape the pages! 19/2/22
Justice is one of the most important qualities that a global leader should have, according to my... What's most important in a world leader? 20/2/22
I think that one of the changes that needs to happen in my city is an increase in recreational... What ONE change? 24/2/22
I choose to talk about what it will be like to live in 100 years? There will be a large... Travel to the future 24/2/22
Dear female, sweet community, I know that you are experiencing a very strong and clear... #23 What should they hear? 24/2/22
Not long ago,my family faced the news of the death of a person close to the family ,and this was... Local news 01/3/22
My choice was the city to live in ,so i think that the city will be very beautiful in terms of... The Friday vote! 01/3/22
I suppose that I will not be able to go out in stormy and rainy days, because this will make me... What assumptions do we make? 04/3/22
I am proud of my city because it has been able to achieve the principle of cooperation among the... #24 Success stories! 04/3/22
I think it is necessary to have equality between the sexes at work, and in all rights. This is... The Friday vote: quotas at work! 08/3/22
I always thought I wasn't perfect, I wasn't good enough, my friends are so much better than... What assumptions do we make? 08/3/22
I always thought that I would respond to everything that was directed at me in the same way, but... What assumptions do we make? 08/3/22
Why do you see why when I look at someone, I think of him as I want, and draw him a picture full... What assumptions do we make? 08/3/22
I was always thinking about the past, remembering the beautiful things and yearning for them,... What assumptions do we make? 08/3/22
When I was young, I thought that dreams would only come in a dream, and they would not come... What assumptions do we make? 08/3/22
I choose to have equal shares between men and women; Because this will help break the prejudice... The Friday vote: quotas at work! 08/3/22
There are many experiments and applications that have been tried on men, not women, such as:... Video discussion: is design biased? 08/3/22
_of the differences between the two propaganda: Ukraine wants peace and is trying to create a... Spot the differences 09/3/22
I said About the same I think this because The government is not in everyone's home Is it getting harder for governments to control what people see? 14/3/22
It is difficult for the Russian people to accept the fact that they are wrong They have to look... The Friday Vote 14/3/22
I discovered that the game Monopoly, which is my favorite, was invented by Elizabeth... #25 Best inventions! 14/3/22
Thank you very much, Marina; Because you revealed to us the truth about the Russians. If Marina... Russian journalist arrested for speaking out against propaganda 15/3/22
Don't worry dear Marina, everything will be fine. The Russian government has made it clear to... Russian journalist arrested for speaking out against propaganda 15/3/22
My idea to help people access the factual information they need is You can watch the history of... The Monday Challenge! 15/3/22
We can detect fake news through Snopes, which detects fake news spread on the Internet and can... The Monday Challenge! 16/3/22
The quote I chose is “It is impossible to live in a country where they shut your mouth,” and my... One word reactions 16/3/22
One reason why Ukrainian men SHOULD be expected to stay and fight is Defend their country and... Should Ukrainian men be expected to stay and fight? 18/3/22
My answer is... Yes I said this because I think that they should accept all refugees, but after... The Friday vote 18/3/22
I chose the song wich modivated me when i'm upset ,"I can see clearly now " by "Johnny... #26 A moment for music 18/3/22
I chose to talk about Card 6, as it talks about the percentage of women who own important... Activity 4: How can we stop bias at work? 18/3/22
My idea is for Schools I think the neighboring countries to provide study opportunities for... The Monday Challenge! 21/3/22
My idea is for Businesses I think they could Companies should hire as many Ukrainian employees... The Monday Challenge! 21/3/22