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I think the similarities between Zelensky and Putin, that they working for certain goals.... Spot the differences 10/3/22
To begin with, we can say that governments and authorities can control what people see and how... Is it getting harder for governments to control what people see? 10/3/22
Marina Ovsianikova was forced when she lied in front of the TV because the Russian government... Russian journalist arrested for speaking out against propaganda 15/3/22
I think that this is an exceptional case in which countries should prefer emotions rather... The Friday vote 19/3/22
Ukrainian refugees are looking for safety and stability . So why don't these cities accept... The Friday vote 20/3/22
Governments can exploit the agricultural lands that do not benefit from them by constructing... The Monday Challenge! 21/3/22
If this problem does not get fixed then I think we should not use the sensor for the presence of... If..., then... 23/3/22
Design means to me life, there is no life without design and planning. Design means ideas and... What does design mean to you? 24/3/22
If the problem of oximetres does not fix, then many non-white people will face health problems... If..., then... 25/3/22
For me, design stands for the imaginative thoughts, innovation and extra ordinary... What does design mean to you? 25/3/22
The topic this week and all the week before are really impressive! It encourages me to thinke... Give us your feedback on this week's activities! 27/3/22
I do believe that for the design industry to be truely effective and productive, it should make... The Friday vote 27/3/22
In the beginning, all segments of society can volunteer and contribute to the prevention of... The Monday Challenge! 11/4/22